DRDO successfully tests indigenously developed ‘Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon’

Chandipur (Orissa): India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)) has developed a ‘Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon’ (SAAW) capable of destroying a runway on an enemy airbase. The ‘SAAW’ developed by the ‘DRDO’ is India’s fully indigenised weapon system and with its successful testing, India has made a place for itself in the league of select few nations to have developed such a weapon.


DRDO successfully tests indigenously developed 'Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon'

The ‘SAAW’ developed by the ‘DRDO’ weighs 120 kilos. It has been marked in one of the reports published by the ‘DRDO’ that the light weight weapon is one of the world class weapon systems.

The ‘DRDO’, which has been carrying out research to cater to the requirements of the Indian Defence Forces, has tested the indigenously developed ‘SAAW’ at ‘Integrated Test Range’ in Chandipur. It is capable of engaging in targets upto a range of 100 kms The Indian Air Force will possess the capability to destroy a runway on an enemy airbase from a distance prior to launching an attack in an enemy airspace.   

Previously, the ‘DRDO’ had tested the ‘Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon’ (SAAW) system for the first time in May 2016. During this test, this indigenously developed  ultra-modern weapon was released from the ‘Jaguar’ fighter plane of the Indian Air Force. This weapon was once again tested on Saturday at an airbase at Chandipur to significantly improve the targeting capability of the Indian Air Force. During this entire test, the progress of the ‘SAAW’ was monitored with the help of a radar.

The Government had approved the development plan for ‘SAAW’ in September 2013. Along with this approval a budget of 56.58 crores was sanctioned for the development of the ‘SAAW’. This plan is believed to have been a success as the ‘SAAW’ fulfilled all expectations in its tests carried out on Saturday. After concluding research, the ‘DRDO‘ developed ‘SAAW’ can be deployed to the Air Force fleet.

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