Discussions rife in international circles regarding health of Chinese President Jinping, no foreign tours for 600 days

Beijing: – Chinese President Xi Jinping’s health has been the talk of the town in the international circles. Jinping has not travelled abroad in more than 600 days. No G20 head of state has remained in the country, continuously, for so long. Jinping also attended the BRICS and SCO meetings held in the last few days through video conferencing.  


According to international media reports, the last foreign trip undertaken by Chinese President Jinping was to Myanmar. This was in January 2020. Sources said that except a visit to Tibet, Jinping has been in the capital, Beijing, for most of the time. According to a report by US Today, Jinping also has been avoiding meeting foreign leaders.  

It has been observed that during the series of visits by various international leaders to China, meetings with Jinping have been avoided in the last year. Most foreign leaders have been hosted away from the capital, Beijing. The leaders are said to have been given meetings with Foreign Minister Wang Yi instead of Jinping. It is noted that Jinping has been avoiding meeting foreign leaders because of health issues.  

The media have also drawn attention to the incidents during his Europe tour in 2019. The Chinese president had stumbled while receiving the guard of honour during the visit. He also had to take support of both arms of the chair while sitting during the meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron. Even at that time, doubts had been raised about his health. But they were dismissed by the Chinese regime. Even at an event held in Shenzhen last year, Jinping arrived much after the appointed time. He was constantly coughing, sipping water and talking very softly.  

Taking all this into account, the mystery surrounding the health of Jinping, who has stayed in China for the past year and eight months without visiting any foreign country, has deepened. Some media outlets claim that there could be some other reasons for Jinping not leaving the country. They could be the international stigma attached to China over the Coronavirus pandemic and the possible revolt brewing in the Communist Party against Jinping’s monopolistic arrogance. Sources also point out that in the last two to three years, resentment is being openly expressed against President Jinping in Chinese political circles. 

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