Australia decides to cancel citizenship of those responsible for terrorist activities

Canberra: – The Australian government has decided to cancel the citizenship of Abdul Naser Benbrika, of Algerian origin, for plotting terrorist activities. This action is being taken under the counter-terrorism law, passed in the Australian parliament last year. Australian Home Minister, Peter Dutton, gave the information regarding this action. Dutton said that this decision is vital, from the point of view of security of the Australian people. Benbrika has dual citizenship of Australia and Algeria. 


Over the last decade, the numbers and activities of extremists are on the increase in Australia. The Australian government has taken aggressive actions against this. These actions include laws with tough provisions and increasing the power of the security forces. Last year, the Australian parliament passed tough legislation that has a provision for cancelling citizenship of persons involved in terrorist activities. As per the law, citizenship of the persons involved in terrorist activities and persons convicted for terrorism will be withdrawn. The rights of action have been delegated directly to the Home Minister. The decision to cancel the citizenship of Benbrika, of Algerian origin, is also said to have been taken by Home Minister Peter Dutton. Sources informed that after the cancellation of citizenship, Benbrika would be deported from the country. Currently, Benbrika is serving a prison sentence and he will be sent back after he finishes the punishment period.  

Abdul Naser Benbrika is living in Australia since 1989. He had been arrested for plotting a terror attack at important locations in Sydney and Melbourne. The Australian agencies had informed, at the time of his arrest that the plot included attack, even on a nuclear plant, along with the stadium and clubs. Benbrika had created an independent supporter group and plotted the terrorist attack. Preparations to buy the components required for making explosives, required in the attack, also were completed. 16 people connected with the plot, along with Benbrika, had been arrested.  

There have been eight terror attacks in Australia in the last six years. It had been revealed that Al Qaeda of IS had a hand in the attacks. It has been exposed that the terrorists who had gone to the Middle East for IS have returned to Australia and are plotting fresh terror attacks. These include some of the people linked to Benbrika. Therefore, the action taken against him becomes important.

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