Chinese aircraft ignore US warnings; intrude Taiwanese airspace

Taipei: – A few days ago, the United States issued a warning that China, threatening of war, with intrusion into the Taiwanese airspace, should be willing to pay the price. But without paying any heed to the US warning, 7 Chinese aircraft intruded into the Taiwanese airspace. The Taiwanese defence department has exposed the information regarding the Chinese intrusion. Taiwan has said that along with the Chinese, even the US aircraft are intruding into its airspace. Meanwhile, United States analysts claim that China is assessing the response of the new Biden administration, in the United States, with these intrusions into the Taiwanese airspace.   


On Sunday morning, five aircraft of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army intruded into Taiwanese airspace. These included Shanxi Y-8 surveillance aircraft, two J-10 fighter jets and two J-11 bombers. The Taiwanese defence ministry lashed out at this intrusion in harsh words. On Sunday evening, two more J-11 bombers intruded into the Taiwanese airspace for surveillance within the next few hours. The Taiwanese defence ministry informed that even the US aircraft had passed through the Taiwanese airspace along with China. US fighter jets and long-haul surveillance aircrafts had passed through the Taiwanese airspace, in the past. But the Taiwanese defence ministry had not uttered a single word regarding this.  

Ten days ago, China had manoeuvred intrusion with fighter jets, bombers and surveillance aircraft, into the Taiwanese airspace. China even held an air exercise near the Taiwanese airspace. Along with the exercise, China threatened individuals and groups that made efforts for Taiwanese independence. After that, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan had warned that China, who is threatening Taiwan, will have to pay the price for it. Simultaneously, Sullivan also announced that the Biden administration would adopt a more aggressive stand in the Hongkong and South China Sea issues along with Taiwan.  

But over the last 10 days, China has demonstrated that it does not pay any heed to these threats issued by the Biden administration. US senior analyst, Gordon Chang, recently issued a warning regarding the Chinese aggression. Chang said that the intrusions by Chinese aircraft into the Taiwanese airspace is not a mere coincidence; besides, Chinese President Xi Jinping is assessing as to what action will the Biden administration take against China, given these intrusions.   

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