China taking advantage of US: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump

donald-trump-Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has accused China of being the biggest and best “abuser” as it was dumping its goods into US, stealing intellectual property and imposing hefty taxes on American companies doing business in that country.


“China is the biggest and best abuser”, said Trump, speaking to his cheering supporters in Pittsburgh. Trump expressed his strong displeasure of China taking advantage of US.

I will change the situation if elected President of the country, claimed Trump. China is stealing intellectual property of US. “If they do not behave, we will put tax on them. They (Chinese) tax us. But we do nothing about it. This is one-way street-we got ripped off,” he said.

Trump claimed that Chinese have no respect for Obama and even less for Hillary. He said that if elected President, he will enter into a good deal with China which will help create lots of opportunities for employment in the US. Trump also alleged Mexico of being a smaller version of China in taking advantage of US.

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