China deploys ‘Sukhoi-35’ in the ‘South China Sea’

Beijing: China, expanding in the ‘South China Sea’ through artificial islands, has adopted a more aggressive policy. China, who reacted very strongly about the trips of the US warships in the ‘South China Sea’, has deployed the advanced Sukhoi-35 fighter jets in the region. ‘PLA Daily’ published by the Chinese army has reported this news. While deploying ‘SU-35’ purchased from Russia, the inclusion of ‘J-20 stealth fighters’, a Chinese indigenous development, in the ‘Combat Service’ was also announced.


china, sukhoi, defence, south china seaRecognised as the ‘Fourth Plus Generation’ fighter jet, ‘Sukhoi-35’ is the most advanced fighter jet in the Chinese air fleet. The deployment of fighter jets in the ‘South China Sea’ is an important event and this is a step to stop the movements of the US warships. Retired Chinese Army officer, Xu Guangyu, also confirmed the same. ‘The deployment of the Sukhoi-35 in the South China Sea will be a major warning for the opposition,’ said Guangyu.

China had signed an agreement with Russia for 24 Sukhoi-35 fighter jets in 2015. Approximately, 15 of these fighter jets have been delivered to China and the pilot training has also been completed. The Sukhoii-35 jets are recognised as the ‘Electronic Warfare’ ready fighter jets. These Russian jets have been equipped with air-to-air, air-to-surface and anti-warship missiles. Other than these, it is said that the ‘Anti-Radiation Missiles’ are also included.

China has undertaken an aggressive military expansion in the South China Sea and has built many artificial islands. These islands are being used as defence bases and there are airstrips and jetties made on these islands. A leading daily in Philippines has published pictures of the military buildings, Radar systems and airstrips for fighter jets in the ‘Spratly’ island territory.

There is no information as to how many Sukhoi-35 planes have been deployed by China in the South China Sea. But, this is the first time that such advanced fighter jets have been deployed. A few days ago, the Chinese Defence forces had warned about taking appropriate steps against the surveillance missions of the US warship. The Sukhoi-35 deployment appears to be a part of the same.

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