China-Pakistan assisting terror groups in Myanmar for terror activities against India

Naypyitaw: – In a sensational revelation, the Thailand security agencies claimed that the arms haul seized by them, in the last month, was meant for anti-India activities. Thai and Myanmar agencies carried out a joint action in the matter and arrested six people, including two of Pakistan origin. China has built a network in Myanmar and Thailand, with help from Pakistan intelligence agency ISI and it is claimed that the network will be used against Indian interests in the region. A few days ago, the Myanmar army Chief had accused that the terrorist organisations from the country are receiving Chinese aid.   

Last month, a huge Chinese make arms haul was seized in the Mae Sato city, near the Thailand border, in Myanmar. This included grenade launchers, rockets, automatic assault rifles and machine guns. The Thailand agencies detained two Thai citizens in this regard. Thereafter, six people were arrested during a raid on the refugee colony in the Karen province. There are two people of Pakistani origin among the detained people.  

It was clear from the investigation carried out by the intelligence agencies that the arms haul seized from the Thai city was for the terrorist organisations from Myanmar. These arms consignments were for the terrorist organisations Arakan Army and Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, operational in the Rakhine Province of Myanmar. It has already been exposed that these organisations have set up bases near the Myanmar border for terror and saboteur activities, to be carried out in India and Bangladesh. The Rohingya refugees on the India and Bangladesh borders and even the terrorist organisations in Bangladesh are said to be helping these Myanmar terror groups. China has taken Pakistani help to build this network and Pakistani ISI is directly involved in this activity.   

India has implemented the Kaladan Multi-Modal Project, for increasing cooperation with south-east Asia including Myanmar. Under the project, many infrastructure development initiatives have been taken in Myanmar, along with the Indian border region. This is increasing the Indian influence in Myanmar and this is hurting China badly. To reduce the Indian influence, China, through these terror groups, is launching attacks on the Indian projects. The network built by Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI, is being used for this purpose.  

The arms haul seized from Thailand and the actions are taken thereafter, confirm these claims. It has already been exposed that Pakistan is assisting the terror organisations, active in northeast India. But the action in Thailand proves that China and Pakistan have joined hands to cause damage to the Indian interests in the other countries. This matter is a major cause of concern for the Indian agencies. 

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