Seven Chinese companies including Alibaba and Huawei to face action

New Delhi: As per the recent information, India will soon act against seven Chinese companies after declaring a ban on 59 Chinese apps. Moreover, it said that these companies are connected with the Chinese military in some way or the other. Plus, the security agencies are closely monitoring these companies. These seven companies also include Alibaba, Huawei and Tencent. If India takes action against these companies, it can deliver a massive blow to China.

The government sources confirm that these seven companies chosen by the Indian government are connected to the Chinese military in some way or the other. These include multinational companies like Alibaba, Huawei and Tencent. Moreover, the Indian intelligence, in its report, has also mentioned that Chinese companies Xindia Steels, Xinxing Cathay International, China Electronics Technology Group and SAIC Motor Corporation are also linked with the Chinese military.

These seven companies have invested mainly in the Indian technology sector. Alibaba has invested in various Indian startups. Moreover, Tencent has also invested in Indian companies like Ola and Flipkart. China invests in other companies via its Military-Civil Fusion Policy and uses its technology for its protection. Alibaba and Tencent are considered to be part of the same Chinese policy.

Earlier, Huawei was accused of espionage, and the prime nations of the world had imposed a ban on the company. Besides, the China Electronics Technology Group has been accused of military espionage, and it is blamed for providing technology for violation of human rights in Xinjiang. Three weeks ago, news had surfaced that the US has created a list of 20 Chinese companies that are linked with the Chinese army. It was also claimed that these companies would soon be banned. Following this, the news of India confirming Chinese companies linked to the Chinese army becomes significant.

Currently, these seven companies are being closely monitored, and soon India may take action against them, says the news. However, the report of government sources mentions that whether the companies would face action has not been confirmed yet.

As it is, China has had to incur a major loss as India banned its 59 apps. Alibaba has started to wrap up its business of UC Browser and UC news in India. Furthermore, China will have to face a major jolt if India acts against these seven companies.

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