India and Russia start ‘Indra Navy 2020’ Exercises  

Kolkata: – India and Russia have started the ‘Indra Navy 2020’ exercises. The war exercises are being held in the Bay of Bengal with the participation of both Indian and Russian navies and the significance of the exercises increase further, against the background of the escalating tension on the Chinese border.  

Indra-Navy-2020Destroyers Admiral Vinogradov, Admiral Tributes and fleet tanker Boris Butoma of the Pacific Fleet, along with combat helicopters, are participating in the exercises from Russia. The Indian Navy has deployed guided-missile destroyer INS Ranvijay, indigenous frigate INS Sahyadri, INS Kiltan and fleet tanker Shakti, along with their integral helicopters for the exercise.  

Following the escalation of tension with China, India has increased its level of readiness in the Indian Ocean region. India has also issued a warning to China by increasing deployment in the strait of Malacca, a key sea route for Chinese freight movement. India also has conducted war exercises with various countries, in this region, in the last three months.   

In July, India carried out war exercises with the United States in the same sector. These exercises were named ‘PASSEX’. US aircraft carrier USS Nimitz participated in these exercises, coming into the Indian Ocean through the Strait of Malacca. Before that, independent war exercises were held with France and Japan. Now the exercises with Russia only demonstrate the Indian clout on the international level. 

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