China to build a robotic colony in the South China Sea

Third World WarBeijing: China who is posing a challenge to the United States with its rapid advances in the defence sector, has prepared to create a colony for the robotic submarines in the South China Sea. The Chinese officials have claimed that this robotic colony being built at the bottom of the South China Sea, will assist in research as well as defence. The artificial islands constructed by China in this region and their militarisation has already become a cause of tension in the region. With this Chinese robotic colony, the tensions can increase multi-fold.


Chinese President, Xi Jinping who has acquired control over the Chinese defence forces visited the Hainan region in the South China Sea a few weeks ago. President Jinping had said while talking to the scientists there, that China will have to create a way to reach the bottom of the South China Sea. During his visit, President Jinping also placed the challenge to build a research centre and a military base at the bottom of the marine region before the scientists and engineers.

china, south china sea, robotic colony, xi jinpingFollowing the orders of President Jinping, the Chinese scientists prepared a project named Hades. The scientist participating in the project informed that a robotic colony, on the lines of the ancient city of Atlantis on the seabed, will be built by the Chinese scientists and engineers. The scientists working on the project said that building a colony at the bottom of the South China Sea will be comparable to building a colony on a different planet. The project is expected to cost $160 million.

Robots equipped with Artificial Intelligence will control the colony at the bottom of the South China Sea. As per information received, the robotic submarines will assess the research being conducted at this underwater colony and will pass it on to the Chinese military command after that. Just like the International Space Station, there will be a facility for the robotic submarines to dock at the underwater colony and there will be no Chinese soldiers or officials stationed there. The Chinese officials claimed that Artificial Intelligence would be the backbone of this robotic colony.

China has started investing heavily in the Artificial Intelligence sector over the last few months. In this month China also held a special workshop for charting the avenues to lead the Artificial Intelligence sector. China has taken steps to develop killer robots and super-advanced defence systems based on Artificial Intelligence. The robotic colony being built by China at the bottom of the South China Sea can be an example of the same initiative.

The South China Sea is the prime issue in Chinese security policies. China has deployed a unit of its defence forces on the manmade islands that it has built in this region. China had demonstrated the supreme importance of the South China Sea by conducting the first exercises of the aircraft carrier in this same region. Now that China has started efforts to build a robotic colony at the bottom of the South China Sea, an extreme reaction is expected from the United States.

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