US and Chinese officials clash during the bilateral talks in Alaska  


Alaska/Beijing: – There were massive verbal clashes between the officials from the United States and China during the high-level bilateral meeting being held in Alaska. The United States lambasted China raising the issues of Xinjiang, Hongkong and Taiwan. Whereas the Chinese leaders warned the United States to stop thinking that they are the world’s leaders while negotiating with China. It was believed that the Biden administration would have a soft stand against China compared to the previous Trump administration. But the Biden administration seems to be forced to adopt a tough stand against China, yielding to the pressure from the opposition – the Republican party.   

On Thursday, a high-level meeting started between the United States and China at Anchorage in Alaska’s US state. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Advisor, Jack Sullivan represent the United States at the meeting and some senior officials. In contrast, China is being represented by senior communist party leader Yang Jiechi, Foreign Minister Wang Yi, along with senior officials. The verbal clashes started at the very beginning of the meeting.   


Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, warned in his statement that the United States will always stand behind the systems having a firm base of laws and regulations. He also claimed that there would be extreme violence in the world if these systems are not maintained. Secretary of State Antony Blinken also accused that Chinese activities in the Xinjiang province, Hongkong and Taiwan, and cyberattacks on the United States and exerting economic pressures on the US allies have threatened the stability of the world.  

Senior Chinese leader Yang Jiechi expressed strong resentment regarding the statements made by the US Secretary of State. Yang Jiechi said that the United States is not leading the world but only representing its own government. It has no right to speak on behalf of other countries. Yang Jiechi also warned that the United States should not try and interfere in internal Chinese matters. Yang Jiechi advised on this occasion that the United States should try and improve its own image and should not try to impose US styled democracy on other countries.   

The verbal clash between the two countries only indicates that the tension between the United States and China continues. Former President Donald Trump had adopted an extremely aggressive stand against China during his tenure of four years. Trump targeted China consistently over issues like atrocities against Uyghurs. It was being claimed that Biden will adopt a reconciliatory stand instead of an aggressive one.   

But in the last few weeks, the statements of leaders and officials from the Biden administration indicate that the Biden administration also is adopting an aggressive stand against China. It is clearly visible that the aggressive statements and the pressure exerted on the Biden administration by the Republican party is the reason for this stand of the Biden administration. The pressure is forcing the Biden administration to prove, from time to time, that it will not be changing the stand against China. It is being revealed that the Biden administration’s stern and aggressive position is also a part of the same attempts.   

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