US shocks China along with WHO, by using VETO right in the UNSC

New York: – The United States dismissed a proposal in support of the World Health Organisation (WHO), presented in the UN Security Council (UNSC), using its Veto right. It is said that the United States used the Veto right, saying that it is not possible to support the WHO, which assisted China. The United States has jolted China along with the WHO.


The United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has appealed for a worldwide curfew, in view of the Coronavirus pandemic. Following this appeal, attempts were made to impose curfew in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and the rest of the world. But the proposal had not been cleared by the UNSC. This proposal was presented in the UNSC on Thursday and a vote was taken. Almost all the countries supported the proposal, but the United States used its Veto Right, objecting to certain provisions in the proposal.

China managed to get the issue of supporting the WHO inserted in the proposal, presented in the UNSC. Pointing at the provision, the United States warned that it is not possible to support the WHO in any way. The proposal fell through as the United States used the Veto right. The United States is accusing that the Coronavirus pandemic which started in Wuhan, could have been contained in the city, but instead, China hid important information regarding the pandemic. The WHO helped China in this conspiracy. The US President had made vitriolic criticism that this organisation is operating as a public relations agency for China.

US President Trump also decided to stop all the funding received by the WHO, from the United States. China, by supporting the WHO in UNSC, and the United States, by using the Veto right against China, have used political tactics against each other. But the United Nations expressed regret that because of this political conflict, the fundamental point is being ignored.

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