US President Biden holds talks with Chinese President

Washington/Beijing: The White House stated last week that US President Joe Biden had a telephonic conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The Biden administration and the media have claimed that President Biden raised the issue of cyber-attacks and the Indo-Pacific issue, along with Coronavirus. Chinese media has claimed that President Jinping has blamed the US policy on China for creating tensions and conflict between the two countries.


US President Biden holds talks with Chinese PresidentThis is the second time Biden has spoken to the Chinese president over the phone since taking over as the president of the United States. Earlier in February, the US president had a telephonic conversation with Jinping. Many of Biden’s decisions on China were criticised after the talks. Opposition groups and analysts in the United States accused the US president of making decisions favouring the Chinese ruling communist regime.

But in recent months, the Biden administration has signalled that its anti-China policy is becoming more aggressive. Criticism of China over the Coronavirus epidemic, the issue of cyber-attacks, the aggressive US stance on the Indo-Pacific region, including Taiwan, are considered a part of it. China is also mentioned in the US defence policy as the biggest threat. The United States has joined forces with allies to form a front against China at the international level.

Meanwhile, it was reported in the media that there were intense clashes during the two meetings between the United States and Chinese diplomats. China had adopted an aggressive stand that the United States should abandon its claim to be a superpower and negotiate on an equal footing and not administer doses of advice. China has taken advantage of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and is projecting an image that the United States is becoming weaker.

Against this backdrop, Biden’s phone conversation with the Chinese president is noteworthy. According to the US and Chinese media reports, the talks between the two leaders lasted for about an hour and a half. A statement from the White House stated that Biden discussed the ongoing effort to prevent competition between the two countries culminating in a conflict. Chinese media claim that Biden called President Jinping out of concern regarding the Chinese help to the United States on international issues.

If both the countries work together, it can benefit the country concerned and the world as well. If it does not happen, the world will suffer the consequences, Jinping warned, according to the Chinese daily Global Times. According to the Global Times, Biden also testified that the United States would not change its one-China policy. The United States has not yet confirmed this. But if this is true, it will only intensify the accusation that the Biden-led United States is bowing to China. Biden’s administration has made some moves against China, but Biden’s opponents accuse him of being only limited to creating a façade.

The edge of such allegations will intensify after Biden’s talks with the Chinese president. Biden’s popularity in the United States is declining, with Biden’s Democrat party bearing the brunt. Even so, the media groups supporting Biden is still trying to defend him. But with the United States in danger of losing its status as a superpower following the withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden has failed to convince the American people on the issue.

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