NIA arrests Bengaluru Doctor against ISIS affiliation  

Bengaluru: – National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested a doctor, from Bengaluru, who is a member of the ISIS. It has been exposed that Dr Abdur Rehman, has been a member of ISIS since 2014 and has been working with the Bengaluru Module of the ISIS. Sources informed that he was kept under surveillance, since the last few days. It has been revealed during interrogation that Rehman was developing medical and weaponry related apps for the ISIS. It has also been exposed that Rehman had links with Jahanzaib Sami Wani, arrested in Delhi, five months ago and Abdullah Basit, from IS-Khorasan.   

Bengaluru Doctor

Dr Abdur Rehman is an ophthalmologist and is working at the Ramaiya Hospital in Bengaluru. On Monday, the NIA arrested Dr Rehman under allegations of being a member of ‘Islamic State Khorasan Province’. NIA carried out an intensive search of Abdur’s home and the surrounding areas and have seized digital equipment, mobile phone, laptop and other materials. In 2014, Abdur had visited Syria for a medical camp. NIA said that there he came in contact with the IS and other terrorist organisations.   

Bengaluru Doctor

Abdur Rehman, who is of Kashmiri origin, was in touch with Jahanzaib Sami Wani and Heena Bashir Baig. This couple had been arrested from the Jamia Nagar area in New Delhi, in March. Abdur was put under surveillance, based on the information received from the couple and was finally arrested. During interrogation, Abdur confessed that he had connections with Sami Wani, IS terrorists from Syria and IS Khorasan. Rahman informed that he was developing a safe Messaging platform, Medical and Weaponry related apps for ISIS. A case against Abdur Rehman will be filed in the special NIA court in Delhi.   

Meanwhile, two IS terrorists arrested under the charges of planning terrorist activities in India and recruiting terrorists on the social media platforms, have confessed to their crimes. These two are Abu Hanas and Najmul Huda. In 2015, NIA had filed a case against the suspected IS terrorists. The alleged terrorists were plotting to set up a group, to establish Khilafat in India and carry out terrorist activities in India. NIA has filed charge sheets against 16 suspects and six of them have already confessed to the crimes. 

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