Avoid buying Chinese goods, Mumbai schools principals urge students

Mumbai : In the background of the rising tension between the two countries, due to the infiltration of China at Dokalam on Sikkim border and the war threats given by China, Mumbai School Principals have appealed to the students not to buy Chinese articles. This decision was taken in the meeting of Mumbai School Principals’ Association, after which such an appeal is made to the students.

Students should not buy Chinese goods, this is not a compulsory for the students, but this is just an appeal. Students are the future of the country. To create good citizens who think better for the nation and to support our country, this appeal was necessary, said Mumbai School Principals’ Association Secretary Prashant Redij.

Principals of 1500 schools in Mumbai Metropolis are aligned to this Association. After a decision was taken in the meeting of this Association, concerned Principals have started appealing in their respective schools.

According to international trade agreement and its rules, government cannot put sanctions on any one country’s import goods, although we are aware of it but how can we continue to have trade relations with a country creating while it is creating unnecessary tension on our border and threatening our country questioned Redij.

In school we teach about India-China war in history. What situations our county had to go through because of the war imposed by China? While answering this question our students use Chinese articles. This is Ironical. Due to this, a decision to make an appeal to not buy Chinese products was taken by Principals Association, said Redij.

The legality of this decision is also being checked. But there will be no compulsion on the students nor will they be pressurized. This is just an appeal and whether to use Chinese products or not is the personal decision of the students and their family.

On Sikkim border China had destroyed bunkers of Indian Army and made contradictory allegations that Indian army had infiltrated on their side of border. In Dokalam, the army of both the countries are in a stand-off against each other and everyday a new threat is given by China to India to withdraw its soldiers. China warned that the condition of India will be made more dreadful than during the war in the year 1962. Near the border huge military exercise is organized and conditions resembling a war are created.

Given such a background, many have appealed to ban Chinese products. Such messages are going around in social media and citizens are being told by many associations to not use Chinese products. Last year in the bilateral trade between the two countries, China exported goods worth 58.33 billion in the Indian market. But goods worth only 11.67 billion was exported from India to China. This trade deficit with China is a cause of concern. China is earning in billions from Indian market. But it always comes in the ways of India’s welfare. Thus it is appealed to,stop buying Chinese products and give a shock to China,

Even last year an appeal to ban Chinese products was made by different trade and political associations. Maulana Masood Azhar, head of terrorist association ‘Jaish E-Mohammed’, instrumental in terror attacks in India, was to be declared a terrorist by United Nation on suggestion from India, but was blocked by China using their veto power. Similarly India’s entry into Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) was also obstructed. Thereafter angry responses appeared in India. Many had appealed to put a ban on Chinese products.

As this decision was not of Indian government, China was in a dilemma when responding. But through Chinese government media, this campaign to ban Chinese products was criticized Especially Chinese mobile companies had done large scale business in India, due to which Chinese government media taunted saying the campaign against Chinese  products proved to be a failure. 

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