Australia to modernise military bases for maintaining peace in Indo-Pacific

Melbourne: – Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced ‘Australia will modernise four of its military bases to assist neighbouring and friendly countries. Australia will be investing A$747 million ($580 million) for this purpose.’ Prime Minister Morrison also clarified that this investment was for peace in the Indo-Pacific sector and not against China. A few hours ago, the Australian Internal Security Minister had issued a warning against China, saying that the drums of war are audible. The announcement of the Australian Prime Minister is being viewed against this background.   


Since the last few days, the Australian leaders indicate that a war is likely to flare up with China. The Australian leaders claim that the possibility of the war with China over Taiwan or South China Sea issues has become stronger. Whereas the movements of the Chinese destroyers near the Australian marine limits also had increased. In this situation, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the modernisation of four military bases in northern Australia.  

The military bases Robertson Barracks, Kangaroo Flats, Mount Bundey and Bradshaw, will be expanded and modernised. Australia will spend A$747 million for this purpose, and war exercises will be held with the United States in this region. Moreover, Australia will be spending 270 billion dollars on defence preparedness over the next decade.    

Prime Minister Morrison said Australia was investing this money for a global system favouring freedom and a stable, free and open Indo-Pacific sector. This investment will create employment opportunities available in Australia. Prime Minister Morrison emphasised that this Australian investment is not against any country.   

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