Ethiopia continues with air strikes on insurgents in Tigray region

Addis Ababa: – The Ethiopian military has started aggressive airstrikes, even with drones, to crush the rebellion rising in the Tigray province. It is claimed that hundreds of people have died in the airstrikes and there are indications that the conflict will escalate further. Eritrea, the Ethiopian neighbour, is said to be helping the Ethiopian government in the war. At the same time, Sudan, having close links with the rebels in the Tigray province, has started military exercises with Egypt, and these exercises are believed to be a warning for the Ethiopian government.  

Two weeks ago, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed had announced action against the rebels in the Tigray province. Prime Minister Ahmed had said that this action was being initiated in retaliation of the attack launched by the rebels from this province on the Ethiopian military base. But it became clear that the real intent behind the action is to gain control over the Tigray province.  

Last week, the rebels attacked the neighbouring country Eritrea with rockets and missiles, accusing it of assisting the Ethiopian military. Sixteen divisions of the Eritrean army are said to be involved in the action initiated in the Tigray province. Ethiopian and Eritrean governments have refuted these claims. But these attacks indicate that the action undertaken by the Ethiopian government can transform into a vast ethnic and regional conflict.   

Prime Minister Abi Ahmed signed a peace treaty with Eritrea by successfully ending a long-standing conflict between the two countries. Prime Minister Ahmed was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for the achievement. But now, this military action initiated by him in the Tigray province is a significant development.   

Hundreds have been killed in the Ethiopian military action, and more than 30,000 people have been displaced. Sudan has given refuge to these displaced people. Sudan military is believed to have close links with the rebels in the Tigray province. Therefore, it is claimed that Sudan may assist the rebels in the Tigray province. The military exercises started by Sudan, with Egypt, while the intensity of the Ethiopian army action is intensifying, are believed to be the indications for the same. Ethiopia and Egypt have a dispute over the river Nile, and Egypt can create trouble for the Ethiopian government by assisting the Tigray rebels.   

Ethiopia is a part of the region known as the ‘Horn of Africa’. Somalia, a part of the same region, also has a conflict between the government and the terrorist organisations. The United States and European countries have their military bases in Somalia, Djibouti and other countries nearby. At the same time, Russia is preparing to establish a military base in this region. Taking all this background into account, the Ethiopian conflict may not be limited to the government and rebels, and it is being said that it will have massive repercussions on the geopolitical level.   

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