Afghanistan dismisses allegation levelled by Pakistan against India

New Delhi: – Pakistan accused that Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is operating from Afghanistan to destabilise Pakistan and it is working under instructions from India. Afghanistan has shown the mirror to Pakistan over this issue. Afghan Foreign ministry very subtly taunted Pakistan saying ‘Afghanistan is acting against all the terrorists without any discrimination. TTP terrorists also have been killed in the military actions in Afghanistan. At the same time, foreign terrorists from terrorist organisations like Jaish and Lashkar also have been arrested. The Afghan foreign ministry dismissed the accusation that India is using Afghan territory to destabilise Pakistan.


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Pakistan government claimed, on Thursday, that the Analytical Support and Sanction Monitoring Team of the United Nations has accepted that TTP is carrying out activities against Pakistan, with support from India, using Afghan territory. Pakistan also accused that TTP was being used to destabilise Pakistan. These allegations made by Pakistan have received a reply directly from Afghanistan.

Pakistani allegations are baseless and Afghanistan is taking action against all terrorists without any bias. The Afghan foreign ministry reminded that actions have been taken against TTP, as well as terrorists from foreign terrorist organisations like Jaish and Lashkar. The Afghan government also made a sarcastic remark that this shows the strong resolve of the Afghan government to take action against terrorists.

One of the United Nations’ reports had revealed that there are six and a half thousand terrorists active in Afghanistan. The report also said that there also are terrorists from the Pakistani terrorist organisations like Jaish and Lashkar, among them. Pakistan, already in the grey list of the FATF, had to face a lot of embarrassment due to this. A few days ago, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan confessed that Pakistan was home to nearly 40,000 terrorists. Analysts claim that the report endorsed the statement.

Against this background, Pakistan accused that anti-Pakistan activities are being carried out from Afghanistan and India is sponsoring these activities. But the Pakistani accusation has boomeranged, as Afghanistan reminded Pakistan of the terrorist activities originating from Pakistan.

Before this, Anurag Srivastava, spokesman of the Indian foreign ministry, also lashed out at Pakistan. Pakistan will never succeed in creating a divide between India and Afghanistan. Anurag Srivastava added that the Afghan people, as well as the international community, are aware, who is training, funding and sheltering the terrorists.

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