US will have to redeploy troops in Afghanistan like Syria and Iraq, warns US Senator Lindsey Graham

Washington – ‘The threat of terrorism has increased significantly since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. Soon, Afghanistan could be a haven for extremist groups, as well as Al-Qaeda terrorists. Therefore, the United States will have to redeploy its troops in Afghanistan as it did in Iraq and Syria.’ Lindsey Graham, a senior Republican senator, has warned. Graham also claimed that the United States did not have much choice on the issue of Afghanistan. Senator Graham has criticised US President Joe Biden’s haste in withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and has signalled a no-confidence motion against Biden.


Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, US military, Defence ChiefGeneral Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, also recently warned that the US would have to launch airstrikes in Afghanistan again for the sake of US security. He also warned that the Taliban would not be able to handle the government’s responsibility and that a civil war would break out in the country. Senator Graham has also drawn attention to the same points in his statement.

In an interview given to the BBC, Senator Graham said, ‘The US should support the rebel groups in Panjshir. The Taliban will not be able to handle the responsibility of Afghanistan. The Afghan people hate them. If there is a revolt against the Taliban, we will have no choice. IS will also counter the Taliban, and there will be chaos across the country by the next year. The situation could be conducive for attacks on foreign interests.’

Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, US military, Defence ChiefWhile drawing attention to the threat of terrorism in Afghanistan, Graham also recalled that the US had redeployed troops in Iraq because of the threat of terrorism. Graham also claimed that 5,000 US troops are currently stationed in Iraq. He also criticised President Biden, accusing him of disregarding advice on Afghanistan. He had earlier claimed that the situation created by the US withdrawal from Afghanistan could lead to another attack similar to 9/11. Great Britain, an ally of the United States, has also hinted that it may be time to return to Afghanistan to take action against IS.

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