If ICBMs are unavailable for nuclear attacks, US will have to keep nuclear bombers ready: Strategic Command chief

Washington: – The US STRATCOM Chief warned that if the Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) of the United States are not available, the nuclear-equipped bombers will have to be kept in a state of readiness to execute the order for an immediate nuclear strike. A huge provision has been made for the US Ground Based Strategic Deterrence (GBSD). Certain lawmakers questioned the provisions. While answering the question, STRATCOM Chief Admiral Charles Richard gave information regarding the nuclear preparedness of Russia and China and pointed to the possible threat from these countries.   


GBSD, meaning development and research in nuclear weapons, will require funding of $85 billion. Certain lawmakers are saying that this expense is unnecessary. These lawmakers are pointing out that the project may also require additional financing in the future. But the STRATCOM Chief emphasised that This is necessary for the security of the United States. Admiral Richard pointed out that this becomes more important, especially when Russia can launch nuclear strikes from the air, submarines, and nuclear-tipped missiles. China is making rapid progress in this area. Admiral Richard claimed that while these countries are increasing their nuclear strike capabilities, a suicidal decision to cut the US might, in this sector, cannot be taken, and the necessary expenses on the GBSD will have to be incurred.   

If this expense is not being sanctioned and ICBMs are not available, a major risk will have to be taken. Admiral Richard warned that nuclear-equipped bombers would have to be kept in a state of readiness in that scenario all the time. Admiral Richard also warned that otherwise, implementing the order for an immediate nuclear strike cannot be done.  

Also, keeping the bombers ready means repeating the process started in some previous decades. Admiral Richard directly answered the lawmakers questioning the provision for GBSD that the conflict in the current times cannot be fought using the systems in the Cold War era. Former President Donald Trump took some aggressive decisions for US security and made the necessary huge provision. Some lawmakers were expecting that Biden, who took over as the President, will change the decisions. But the Biden administration has not reduced the defence expenditure.   

In this scenario, some lawmakers are raising questions regarding the provisions for GBSD. The US Military leaderships are bitterly countering the raised objections. The US military officials are pointing out that the threat to the United States has increased considerably in the current times. Senior officials from the US defence forces are consistently warning that the United States will have to face unprecedented conflicts in the coming times. Therefore, expenses on research and development in the latest technologies will have to be made.   

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