Taiwan Invasion Prevention Act gets introduced in the US Parliament 

Washington: “The US policy of strategic ambiguity towards Taiwan, initially implemented to avoid provoking Beijing to attack Taiwan and encourage peaceful relations, has clearly failed. The PLA’s dramatic military buildup and increased provocations in the Taiwan Strait, along with blatant threats from the CCP, make their intentions toward Taiwan abundantly clear. The United States must act immediately to establish a clear red line over Taiwan that must not be crossed by China,” said Congressman Ted Yoho, as he introduced the bill for Taiwan Invasion Act in the US Parliament. This bill has a provision for the US to take military action against the attack on Taiwan. Moreover, the Taiwan Foreign Ministry has welcomed this bill.    


Leading Chinese analyst, Li Su, recently warned that the Hong Kong Security Law is just a prelude and China will not budge before the striking attack on Taiwan. Moreover, in his warning, he also indicated that China would attack Taiwan at the beginning of next year. Last month, Chinese communist mouthpiece, Global Times, threatened that if war sparks, the Chinese army will completely capture Taiwan. Before that, in May, the third leader of the Chinese Communist Party, Li Zhanshu, had proposed to attack Taiwan in a meeting with the party. At the same time, a former Chinese army officer warned that as the world is busy fighting against the Coronavirus pandemic, this is the best opportunity for China to attack Taiwan.    

Furthermore, the US has taken a serious notice of such inciting statements by China. Also, US President Donald Trump has taken an active stance over the Taiwan issue. Moreover, the US’ new political office in Taiwan, the US NSA’s visit to the Taiwanese leader and the increasing Defense Cooperation between the US and Taiwan is part of the aggressive stance of President Trump. US President Trump had declared a historic decision to provide fighter jets to Taiwan. Following this, the US will also offer advanced missiles, torpedo and Advanced Defense Systems. Moreover, the US has increased military deployment at the region near Taiwan. Also, the movements of US warships, drones and patrol planes have increased.    

On Wednesday, the bill of Taiwan Invasion Prevention Act was proposed in the US parliament, and US President Trump accepted it. Ted Yoho is a senior Congress member of the Republican party and also a supporter of President Trump. Over the last few years, he has persistently taken a stance in support of Taiwan, and he has also demanded that the One China Policy should be scrapped.    

The Taiwan Invasion Prevention Act approves US military action against China if Taiwan is attacked. This provision will continue to be for five years after the act is implemented. This act also appeals to the United States to conduct a joint military exercise with Taiwan along with the US allies, and even initiate a security dialogue with Taiwan.    

While the bill is being proposed for Taiwan in the US Parliament, the US State Department has declared statement in favour of Taiwan. Moreover, the State Department has announced in its report that the US-Taiwan bilateral relations are more reliable than ever now. Earlier, the position of Taiwan and its security in the Indo-Pacific region was mentioned in the US-Australia joint meeting on Tuesday. 

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