After US, India holds war exercises with French Navy  

war exercises

Kochi: – Within hours of ending the PASSEX war exercises with the US aircraft carrier, USS Theodore Roosevelt, and the French warships have reached the Kochi port. Joint war exercises of the QUAD members like India, the United States, Japan and Australia are scheduled to be held soon in the Bay of Bengal. The French warships will participate in joint exercises with the Indian Navy. This exercise becomes an essential step towards stopping China in the Indo-Pacific sector.   

PASSEX war exercises, with the participation of US aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, USS Bunker Hill, USS Russell, a missile-equipped warship, were held between March 25th and 28th. Indian destroyer INS Shivalik and P-8I aircraft used for marine surveillance participated in the exercises. These exercises, held in the Indian Ocean, become extremely important. The free, open and all-inclusive Indo-Pacific sector is a priority for India and the United States. Rear Admiral Doug Verissimo said that India and the United States believe in the same values, and therefore, these exercises become very important.  

war exercises

Rear Admiral Doug Verissimo informed that these exercises included anti-submarine warfare, joint air missions and command and control integration. After the practices, the US fleet left for the Pacific Ocean. Within the next few hours, French warships reached the Kochi port. These include helicopter carrier warship Tonnerre and destroyer Surcouf. These ships will be in the Kochi port till the 1st of April. Joint naval exercises of the QUAD countries are scheduled to be held soon in the Bay of Bengal. These warships will leave Kochi to participate in these exercises. The French Navy organises La Perouse war exercises. QUAD members, the United States, Japan and Australia, participate in these exercises. Now with the Indian participation, these become war exercises of QUAD with France. These war exercises being held in the Bay of Bengal come as a warning for China. The importance of these exercises between QUAD and France increases tremendously because of the increasing Chinese aggression in the Indo-Pacific sector.   

war exercises

China has increased the intensity of intrusions into the Taiwanese airspace. At the same time, more than 200 Chinese ships have intruded into the Philippines marine limits. Reports of China intruding into the Senkaku Islands sector of Japan are also being received. The entire world has taken cognisance of these developments. But China is increasing its aggressive activities by ignoring all the concerns expressed from around the globe. Therefore, it has become imperative to stop China, and the QUAD members and France have started moves for that purpose. The United Kingdom and Germany also had indicated that they would be making their navies more active in the Indo-Pacific sector.   

The QUAD cooperation and the support received from the European countries could pose a severe challenge to China. As of now, China is showing that it does not pay any heed to these challenges. But if China does not stop these activities, the QUAD members and the European countries will have to decide on a more active stand in the Indo-Pacific sector. 

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