Turkey and Iran threaten UAE over peace agreement with Israel

Ankara/Tehran: – While the entire world has welcomed the decision taken by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to establish peace with Israel and increase cooperation, Turkey and Iran have threatened UAE. Turkish President Recep Erdogan has threatened to sever all diplomatic ties and recall its Ambassador from UAE. Whereas, Iranian Revolutionary Guards has threatened that UAE, who has signed the peace agreement with Israel, should be ready for dire consequences in the future.


Turkey and Iran

Turkey strongly criticised the peace agreement between Israel and the UAE. Turkey criticised the UAE has stabbed the Palestinians in the back by signing the peace deal with Israel. Turkish President Erdogan said that history would never pardon this mistake made by the UAE. At the same time, Palestinian betrayal at the hand of UAE can also not be justified. He announced that the diplomatic relations between UAE and Turkey would soon be severed.

At the same time, Erdogan said that Turkey was contemplating to recall its ambassador from UAE. While threatening the UAE, Turkey has started sheltering Hamas terrorists from the Gaza Strip. As per received information, some of these terrorists have been charged with plotting attacks in Israel. Turkey has been accused, even in the past, of supporting terrorists.

Turkey and Iran

Iranian President called the peace agreement signed with Israel, a blunder, on the part of UAE. Whereas, Iranian Revolutionary Guards threatened UAE. The leading military group in Iran claimed that this peace agreement is the evil plot of the United States and at the same time, will increase the US influence in the middle-east.

Meanwhile, with this peace agreement, UAE will immensely benefit in the defence sector. David Friedman, US Ambassador to Israel, said that the military cooperation would increase between the two countries and UAE will be able to purchase advanced defence equipment. Iran is worried that this cooperation between Israel and UAE will pose the biggest threat to its security. International analysts are claiming that therefore, Iran is heavily criticising the concerned agreement.

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