Huge response to Wangchuk appeal for Chinese goods boycott

Leh: – Sonam Wangchuk, an Environmentalist from Ladakh, made an appeal to boycott Chinese goods, at a time, when the Indian and Chinese soldiers are involved in a standoff on the Ladakh border. Wangchuk delivered the message for boycott of the Chinese goods, through his slogan ‘Sena Degi Bullet Se Jawab, Nagrik denge wallet se’ (Army will retaliate with bullets, Citizens will do so with wallets). The slogan is receiving a tremendous response from the Indian people. 


Sonam Wangchuk recently prepared a video sitting on the banks of the Indus river. The standoff between the Indian and Chinese soldiers, is at some distance from his location. He has pointed to the place in the video. Through the video, he has appealed to the Indian population for a boycott of Chinese products. Wangchuk expressed confidence ‘India purchases Chinese products worth ₹5 trillion. All this money is used by China to buy weapons. The money is used for anti-India activities. Therefore, Indians should boycott products ‘Made in China’. This Indian strength will inculcate sense in China.’

Wangchuk said ‘There is discontent against China in the entire world. At such a time, the boycott Made in China movement, should not be limited only to India and should be spread globally. If the Chinese trade is hit the Chinese economy will crumble.’ Wangchuk added ‘We Indians can implement this boycott in two stages. Firstly, delete all the Chinese apps in your smartphones and next stop using Chinese made smartphones and Computers.’ Wangchuk said that it is fine if the process takes even a year.

This appeal is receiving a tremendous response. Many Indians have deleted Chinese apps from their smartphones. The Wangchuk video also went viral on the social media. Appeals for boycott of the Chinese goods have been made many times in the past. But the campaigns cooled off over time. China was obstructing the process of declaring Masood Azhar, who orchestrated the Pulwama attack, as an international terrorist. China had blocked the proposal in the UN Security Council, using its Veto right. A similar appeal for boycott of Chinese goods was made even at that time. Before this, when there was a standoff between the Indian and Chinese soldiers at Doklam, some people had made a similar appeal. A few traders also had taken the decision not to buy Chinese goods. But the campaigns died out over time.

Last year, Global Times, the Chinese government mouthpiece, had scoffed at India over this matter. The daily had quoted the sales figures of the Chinese products in India. Global Times had bragged that India has no alternative for Chinese goods, as the Indian manufacturing Sector is incapable and India cannot compete with China in this sector.

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