Pakistan military fired artillery at Afghanistan, accuses Afghan Defence Ministry

Kabul/Ottawa: – Fawad Aman, spokesman for the Afghan Defence Ministry, said, ‘The Pakistani army fired artillery shells into Afghanistan on Sunday. An Afghan local was injured in the incident. This attack by the Pakistan military is a violation of international laws.’ A few days ago, the Pakistani air force threatened to launch attacks on the Afghan army. Meanwhile, a former Canadian leader has accused Pakistan of infiltrating Taliban terrorists into Afghanistan.  


The Afghan authorities have previously accused the Pakistani military of helping the Taliban to take control of Afghanistan. Last month, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani blamed Pakistan for infiltrating 10,000 Taliban militants at a meeting in Dushanbe. Meanwhile, the Afghan army has exposed the involvement of Pakistani troops during its fight against the Taliban. But on Sunday, the Afghan Ministry of Defence accused the Pakistani military of firing in the country.  

Fawad Aman alleged that a rocket was fired from Pakistan’s Swat province into Afghanistan’s Kunar province. Fawad said locals were injured in the rocket attack in Shelton district. ‘Pakistan is not a good neighbour,’ Fawad said.  

Former Canadian minister and diplomat Chris Alexander has accused Pakistan of waging a covert war and committing war crimes. Alexander shared a photo on social media on Sunday. In his post, Alexander said that Taliban militants were waiting on the border, with Pakistan making preparations to infiltrate them into Afghanistan. Alexander asked, ‘Even after seeing this photo, can anyone say that Pakistan is not involved in a covert war against Afghanistan and Pakistan cannot be accused of war crimes?’ 

Pakistan’s foreign ministry responded to the accusation. Pakistan’s foreign ministry said, ‘We condemn the misleading information provided by the Canadian leader’. Alexander lashed out even at this. He retorted, ‘Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and the Foreign Ministry have been accused of insulting those working for peace and stability in Afghanistan.’ Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh has endorsed the allegations made by Alexander against Pakistan. 

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