Textiles ministry announces ‘Local for Diwali’ campaign  

New Delhi: – The union textile ministry has initiated the campaign ‘Local for Diwali’. Under the campaign, the union textile ministry has appealed to the citizens of India to purchase Indian handicrafts for Diwali. Only two days ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a message to prioritise ‘Vocal for Local’ to strengthen the Indian economy.   

‘Local for Diwali’

The textile ministry has appealed to purchase all household items, from bedsheets to curtains, from the local markets. The textile ministry also appealed to purchase clay lamps and other handicraft items from the local markets. Purchase items from local artisans, artists and professionals and encourage others to do the same. The textile ministry also appealed to share the photographs of these purchased items, on social media, under ‘Local for Diwali’.  

The textile ministry started this campaign following the Prime Minister’s slogan ‘Vocal for Local’. There is a large handicraft industry in the country. There is a large number of women working in this sector. In 2019, India exported handicraft products worth ₹127 billion. But the Indian share in the global handicraft market is a meagre 2%. At the same time, China has a share of 17%. It is necessary to promote Indian handicraft products to increase the Indian share in the handicraft market. This campaign is started with this very objective.  

Meanwhile, a large number of Chinese products were dominating the Indian market. But the campaign to boycott Chinese products started after 20 Indian soldiers were martyred in the Galwan Valley due to Chinese deception. Against this background, the Indian people have taken the Vocal for Local slogan to their hearts. Most of the traders have also decided to sell Indian products instead of Chinese products.   

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