Government prepares to restrain imports of Chinese products

New Delhi: There is an anger against China, in the Indian population and appeals for a boycott on Chinese products are viral on social media. China also has realised that this anger in the Indian population will badly hit China and it may lose this huge Indian market. Even the Indian government is initiating steps to restrain import of non-essential Chinese products. The government is contemplating imposition of additional import duty on nearly 300 products. Most of these items are products imported from China. It is also reported that it will be mandatory for the E-Commerce companies to clearly show on their website, whether the product is made in India or otherwise.  

The government is preparing strongly, to teach China a lesson on the economic front. There is bilateral trade worth $76 billion between India and China and the Indian imports are $64.4 billion, out of these, whereas China imports goods worth only $15.5 billion. The deficit of $47 billion in the bilateral trade with China, is a major cause for concern. Although India has opened up the Indian marketplace for China, China has not reciprocated. It has also ignored the concerns expressed by the Indian government.  

The government is contemplating a major increase in import duty on 300 items, in view of the Chinese betrayal in Ladakh and to provide and impetus to the Make in India initiative. Most of these products are of Chinese origin and restraining imports of non-essential items products, is the main objective behind the action. It is reported that the final decision in the matter is still pending and will be announced shortly.   

It will be compulsory for the e-commerce companies to clearly show, if country of manufacture of the product in India or otherwise, on their websites. It is being reported quoting senior officials in the government that the government is drafting an e-commerce policy and this will be a part of the policy. This will act as a Check Mark, which will make it easier for the consumer to differentiate between products made in India and elsewhere. The official said that this will make it easier to locate and buy products made in India and avoid purchasing Chinese products.  

The government has already instructed the telecom companies BSNL and MTNL, not to buy any Chinese products. Whereas, Indian Railway has cancelled a contract worth ₹4.71 billion, awarded to a Chinese company. Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Micro, Small and Medium Industries, has said that henceforth, India cannot depend on China. There is a need to focus on research to increase domestic production. Currently, Chinese products are available at attractive prices. Indian companies from the electronic sector, earn good profits importing this equipment and spares from China. But this will not be good for the future, Gadkari added.  

Meanwhile, Sonam Wangchuk, researcher and environmentalist from Ladakh, appealed ‘Indians have to make a resolve to dispel the Chinese domination in the markets. This will cause hardships in the initial stages, but it will end dependence on China. Boycott on China is like curing cancer.’ He also expressed confidence ‘The Indian production declined as the imports from China increased. But if the hard decision to boycott Chinese products is taken, India will increase its manufacturing capacities in the coming years.’ 

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