Given China threat, Taiwan envoy meets US State Department official

Washington: On Monday, US-Taiwan envoy, Hsiao Bi-khim, paid a visit to the senior official of the US State Department, David R. Stilwell. Currently, China is conducting a live-fire drill in the South China Sea, and it is said that this could be a preparation for a possible attack campaign on Taiwan. Meanwhile, as the Taiwan envoy to the US met with the senior officials, the Taiwan government proposed the US to purchase some more Harpoon missiles.    


The Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the US published photographs of US-Taiwan envoy Hsiao Bi-khim’s visit to the Assistant Secretary for the Bureau Office East-Asian and Pacific Affairs, David R. Stilwell. Moreover, at the time, the US-Taiwan envoy appealed that Taiwan is eager to partner furthermore with the US. Additionally, the two countries also discussed topics that hold concern in their nations as informed by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office.   

Against the background of this US-Taiwan political meeting, the Taiwan government has indicated a capital raise of Harpoon Missiles. In May, the Taiwan Security Department had decided to purchase 10 Harpoon Missile Systems from the US. However, Taiwan has approved an increase in the number of missiles after its discussion with the US. Apart from this, $1 billion more have been arranged, and hence, the total amount has gone up to $2.8 bn. These missiles that can hit a distance of about 300 kilometres are known as Destroyer Missiles.    

Furthermore, US President Donald Trump has adopted an active stance regarding China. The political offices opened by the US in Taiwan, the meeting between the US National Security Advisor and Taiwanese leaders and also the increasing US-Taiwan defence co-operation is known to be part of an active stance of the US President. Following this, Taiwan is being provided with advance missiles, torpedo and advanced defence systems. Moreover, the US has also increased its army deployment near the Taiwan maritime region. Also, the warships, destroyers, drones, patrol planes and fighter jets do frequent rounds. Last week, the bill for Taiwan Invasion Protection Act was newly introduced in the US Parliament.    

In the last few months, the Chinese threats to Taiwan have intensified. In a meeting in May, the third leader of the Chinese Communist Party, Li Zhanshu, had proposed to strike an attack on Taiwan. Besides, the Chinese communist mouthpiece, Global Times, warned that the Chinese army would capture Taiwan in just a few hours if war sparks. Furthermore, Li Su, leading Chinese analyst, cautioned that the Hong Kong law is just a warm-up for China. Moreover, China will not care to strike attack on Taiwan. 

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