Sudan blames Ethiopia for fanning conflicts

Khartoum/Addis Ababa: – The Sudanese government accused that the Ethiopian activities inside the Sudan border are instigating a conflict. Ethiopia is carrying out activities in the Al-Fashqa province in Sudan. At the same time, it has been exposed that the Ethiopian fighter jets had intruded into the Sudanese airspace. There are indications of a new conflict breaking out in the region, against the background of these accusations levelled by Sudan.
ethiopia-sudanLast year, Ethiopian President Abi Ahmed had initiated a major military campaign to crush the rebellion in the Tigre province of the country. As a result of the action, more than 50,000 Ethiopians have taken refuge in Sudan, causing unrest. At the same time, Egypt and Sudan have opposed the dam being built by Ethiopia on the Nile River. Ethiopia has disregarded this opposition and instead has increased activities in the Sudanese border regions.
Sudan and Ethiopia share a 1,600 kilometres long border and some parts of the border are not clearly demarcated. There is a 600 kilometres border with Ethiopia, in the Al-Fashqa province of Sudan and this has been a point of a perpetual dispute. Although Al-Fashqa is traditionally a Sudanese province, the Ethiopian government has allowed its citizens to intrude into the province. The Ethiopian military has sent its military units to the Al-Fashqa province. But Sudan has warned that it will take control of the entire Al-Fashqa province and hold talks with Ethiopia only after that.
The incident of Ethiopian fighter jets intruding into Sudanese airspace also has been exposed. Sudan is infuriated by this even more. The Sudanese government has fired a strong salvo of criticism at Ethiopia. The Sudanese foreign ministry warned that Ethiopia is carrying out aggressive activities inside Sudanese borders; there is a blatant violation of Sudanese sovereignty and territory rights. Sudan will never tolerate this. Ethiopia is trying to incite Sudan. This could threaten the security and stability of the sector.

Over the last few years, Turkey has made efforts to improve its ties with Ethiopia. Egypt is restless in view of the Turkish activities in the African countries. Moreover, It is using other countries to try and stop Turkey. Egypt has increased its cooperation with Sudan, for this purpose and has even supplied military aid to Sudan. Against this background, analysts claim that Egypt could be compelling Sudan to enter into a conflict against Ethiopia to increase Turkey’s pressure.


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