Strong protests during Chancellor Merkel’s Chemnitz tour

Third World War

Chemnitz: The blunt question asked by a local citizen to Chancellor Angela Merkel saying, ‘Chancellor, why have you come to Chemnitz?’ only indicates how upset the people of Chemnitz are with Merkel. Chancellor Merkel visited the German city that witnessed violent riots over the immigrant issue after nearly 82 days. Even when Merkel went to the city, she was greeted with slogans comparing her to Nazi Dictator Adolf Hitler and placards with a message ‘Merkel Must Go’.


Although Chancellor Merkel has announced stepping down from the leadership of the country and the Party, the discontent in the hearts of the German population has not reduced even marginally. The strong protests by the nationalist group against Chancellor Merkel and the direct questions asked to her in an interactive program during her visit to Chemnitz city on Friday, bear evidence to the fact that the fire of discontent is still simmering in the minds of the people in the city.

Nearly 2,000 people participated in the protests held against Chancellor Merkel in Chemnitz. Not only among the locals, but there were hints of displeasure in the speech of the Mayor as well, who represents the population of the city, about Chancellor Merkel’s visit. Mayor Barbara Ludwig retorted that this visit was highly delayed and therefore a futile exercise. Ludwig had appealed to Merkel in August itself, while the rioting was going on, to visit the city on an immediate basis and help bring the situation under control. But Merkel had ignored Ludwig’s appeal.

Despite visiting the city three months after the incident, Merkel went on to justify her actions. Merkel claimed that if she had visited Chemnitz at that time it would have been misconstrued and the situation would have festered. But the statements and reactions from the local people showed that the locals did not believe her. A reaction which stated that she will not get any affection from this city, speaks volumes about the feelings of the locals about Chancellor Merkel.

On 25th of August, a few immigrants had attacked 3 German youth. One of the youths had died in the attack perpetrated by the immigrant of Iranian and Syrian origin. There were strong reactions from the locals after the death of the youth. Following a call for agitation given by the nationalist and right wing groups, protests were held with participation by thousands of people for several days. An emergency also had to be imposed in the city for a certain period.

The right-wing groups had targeted Merkel with harsh words that if the National agencies are unable to protect the citizens of the country, the citizens will have to take to the streets and do that job. The German Interior Security Minister Horst Seehofer had justified the outburst of the German people in Chemnitz in the form of protests. Severe tension had been created in the ruling coalition over this issue. As per the claims made by analysts, the Chemnitz riots was the decisive factor for Chancellor Merkel to step down from the leadership of the country and the party.

Germany to deport Syrian immigrants

Berlin: There are indications that out of the hundreds of thousands of immigrants that have come into Germany from Syria, thosewith a criminal backgroundwill be deported. The German government will be lifting the ban imposed on deportation for this purpose. The deportation is being justified saying that the intensity of the Syrian war is decreasing now and the situation is improving. Quoting sources from the internal security ministry it is being said that the decision to deport will be finalised in the next two weeks.

A few months ago, one of the reports published by the German security agencies had drawn an inference that there is a major immigrant involvement in the violent crimes occurring in Germany.

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