Sacrifice of the 22 soldiers martyred in the cowardly Maoist attack will not go in vain: Union Home Minister Amit Shah 

New Delhi/Raipur: – The number of soldiers martyred in the encounter with Maoists in the forests of Bijapur in Chhattisgarh has reached 22. Anger is being expressed against the Maoists over the attack from around the country. Union Home Minister Amit Shah warned that the sacrifice of these martyred soldiers would not go in vain. There will be retaliation at an appropriate time. The Union Home Minister called a high-level security-related meeting on Sunday to review the actions against the Maoists. It is claimed that indications of decisive action against the Maoists are being received from the meeting.   


The soldiers from the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and CRPF Cobra unit came under a cowardly attack by the Maoists at around noon while patrolling in the forests at Bijapur in Chhattisgarh. On Saturday, the report was received that five soldiers had been martyred in the attack by the Maoists, who were nearly 400 in numbers. After the dead bodies of the 17 missing soldiers were discovered, officials informed that the casualty count had reached 22. Thirty soldiers have been injured in the encounter. Kuldeep Singh, the Director-General of CRPF, claimed that the number of Maoists killed in the encounter is nearly 25 to 30.  

The cowardly attack by the Maoists has sent a wave of anger across the country, and a demand for strong action against the Maoists is becoming stronger. After the Bijapur attack, a campaign has been launched against the Maoists with 2,000 soldiers. The campaign will be operated from five locations Tarem, Usur, Pamed in Bijapur district and Minpa, Nasarpuram in Sukuma district. Kuldeep Singh, the Director-General of CRPF, said that building CRPF camps in the inaccessible areas of Chhattisgarh is being intensified for stronger action against the Maoists.   

CRPF had already planned to set up a camp in this location. Kuldeep Singh said that the Maoists frustrated due to the CRPF activities launched this attack. Concerning reports that the Maoists used rocket launchers for the attack are being received. It has also been revealed that the Maoists also stole the rifles of the martyred soldiers. But the Union Home Minister warned that the sacrifice of the Martyrs would not go in vain. It will be avenged at an appropriate time. Therefore, it is clear that a stronger action to dig up the roots of the Maoists will be undertaken in the coming time.  

After the attack, Union Home Minister held discussions with the Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel. The Union Home Minister also called a security-related high-level meeting on Sunday. Union Home Secretary and senior officials from the intelligence department, CRPF and home ministry were present in the meeting. 

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