North Korea to test intercontinental missiles, indications of stern consequences from US

Seoul/Washington: “North Korea will soon conduct tests of the intercontinental ballistic missiles, capable of reaching up to the United States,” declared the dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un. He also indicated that the intercontinental missiles could be launched loaded with ‘hydrogen bombs’.The United States has expressed its outrage at this announcement, while the United States State Department has warned North Korea to be prepared for its consequences. Meanwhile, the President-elect of United States, Donald Trump, is said to have taken information about the threats of North Korean dictator from intelligence agencies.   


korea-blast-ICBMAddressing the masses in his New Year’s Day speech, Kim Jong-Un declared about the testing of the new missiles. Un also informed that while the manufacturing of advanced ballistic missiles is progressing rapidly, the preparations for ICBM tests have reached the final stages. Un also reminded that just about a year ago, North Korea had successfully conducted the test of ‘hydrogen bombs’. After the ‘hydrogen bomb’ test, the intercontinental ballistic missile testing will prove to be historic, assured the Dictator of North Korea. 

At the same time, the United States and South Korea should call-off their joint military exercises. Else, North Korea would continue enhancing its military capabilities, dictated Kim Jong-Un. Also, if war is to be avoided between the two Korean states, then the sanctions on North Korea need to be lifted demanded Un. The audio and photographs of this threatening address of Kim Jong-un was released by North Korean news channels. The United States has condemned this threat by the North Korean dictator. 

“North Korea should refrain from provocative actions and inflammatory rhetoric that threaten international peace and stability. Also, they should abide by the international rules about nuclear deal and return to serious talks”, warned the United States State Department spokeswoman Anna Ritchie-Allan. She urged all the states to use every available channel and means of influence to refrain North Korea from launching its intercontinental ballistic missiles. Otherwise grave consequences will have to be faced for North Korea’s unlawful conduct, warned the United States State Department spokeswoman.  

Last year, North Korea had conducted a series of nuclear and missile tests. North Korea had shocked the entire world with the hydrogen bomb test at the beginning of the Year. South Korea had even experienced seismic activity after shocks due to fifth nuclear test conducted by North Korea. For this testing, North Korea faced severe criticism on international platform, while demands were made to put tough sanctions against it. Nevertheless, last year North Korea had conducted tests of long-range ballistic missiles and had also threatened to manufacture intercontinental missiles, capable of reaching up to New York.   

However, this threat was ignored by American as well as South Korean observers. While accepting that North Korea has the technology to launch long-range missiles, experts have denied the possibility of North Korea having any technology or skill to direct a missile towards the United States. Hence, the western media had mocked North Korea’s lame technology. Yet the United States prepared to deploy the ‘Patriot’ missile battery in South Korea citing impending danger to its interests in the region from North Korea’s missile testing. China had vociferously opposed the deployment of United States’s Patriot missile battery.   

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