Nepal PM struggles to save his government  

Kathmandu: The pro-Chinese Government, in Nepal, headed by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, is about to collapse, owing to the divide in the ruling party. The political developments have been fast-tracked in Nepal. Chairman of the communist party of Nepal and former Prime Minister, Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, called an emergency meeting of the party standing committee. As per reports, during the meeting, pressure could be mounted on Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli to resign and decision regarding his future may be taken. On Friday, Prachanda met the Nepal President, Vidya Devi Bhandari. Reports are also being received that Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is trying to save his government by dividing the party and continuing in power with help of the opposition parties.  


There are reports that Prime Minister, KP Sharma Oli was isolated in the meeting, of the most influential 45 member standing committee of Nepal’s ruling party. Former Prime Ministers Prachanda, Madhav Kumar Nepal and Zalanath Khanal accused KP Sharma Oli of misuse of power. Prime Minister Oli is making controversial statements consistently and running the government without consulting the party. These three leaders also accused that the Oli government has disillusioned the people of Nepal. These leaders also said that the accusation made by Oli that India is making efforts to pull down his government is politically incorrect.   

But, on realising that he may be forced to resign in the upcoming parliament session, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli met President Bhandari and suspended the session. Accusations are rife that Oli recommended suspension of the session, only to remain in power. It is being said that Prime Minister Oli’s future depends on the decision taken in the urgent standing committee meeting called by Prachanda, against this background. Prachanda met President Bhandari before the meeting.  

It is said that there are major differences between Oli and Prachanda over sharing of power. Last year, President Vidya Devi Bhandari had found a solution to the dispute between Oli and Prachanda. She had suggested that Oli will remain Prime Minister for five years and Prachanda will take the reins of the party in his hands. But the dispute between the two leaders festered, as Oli refused to resign from the post of party Chairman. Only last week, Prachanda made an open statement, in a party meeting, that he made a mistake by not insisting on Prime Ministership for half the term and Oli should resign now, otherwise he would break the party.  

Prime Minister Oli took successive decisions against India. These include decisions like controversial map claiming Indian territory and Citizenship Bill. But after the reports were received that all these anti-India actions were a coverup for the Chinese acquisition of Nepalese territory, troubles increased manifold for Oli, who is known for hating India. The opposition parties are already aggressive and taking this opportunity, the opponents from within the party are pressing for his resignation.  

Meanwhile, protest have started by the Madhesi community, against the Citizenship Bill, in the Tarai sector. Other local parties from this area also are demanding withdrawal of this Bill. The political organisations from the Tarai sector are asking Oli ‘Have the orders to bring the Ban Hindi resolution in the Nepalese parliament come from China?’ 

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