US increases pressure on China by supporting India  

Washington: – US President Donald Trump rebuked China by saying that the aggressive Chinese activities on the Indian border are a part of their expansionist policies, and this shows the real face of the Communist Party of China. This salvo of criticism fired by President Trump at China is believed to be a symbol of increasing support of the United States for India. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley and many US Congressmen also have supported the Indian stand in the Indo-Chinese dispute.  

supporting India

It has been revealed in the media that the cowardly attack by the Chinese soldiers on the Indian soldiers in the Galwan Valley was pre-planned, and the Chinese top brass had given a green signal for the attack. The jolt delivered by the Indian soldiers to China has become a point of discussion around the world. The leading countries of the world have taken note of the aggressive stand taken by the Indian military and government against China, and the support received by India is increasing by the day. Reactions received from President Trump and other leaders represent the same support.  

President Trump castigated the Chinese government by saying that the United States is closely following the developments on the India-China border. The aggression shown by China in this region is a part of its expansionist policies. This has exposed the real face of the Chinese communist party. The US President had supported India over the Galwan Valley incident by expressing displeasure against China. President Trump had also stated that he was willing to mediate in the dispute.  

Along with President Trump, other leaders from the United States also are standing in support of India in the matter of India-China border dispute. Following the Chinese aggression on the border, India has started delivering economic jolts to China. As a part of this initiative, Chinese companies and apps have been banned. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo praised this aggression shown by India. The US Secretary of State said that Chinese apps are a part of the Surveillance State of the Chinese communist party and action against them is significant from the Indian sovereignty, integrity and national security point of view.  

Following Pompeo, former US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, also supported the Indian action. Haley defended India by saying that India is a vast marketplace for Chinese apps. India has sent a clear message that it will not retreat because of the Chinese aggression by taking this decision now. During a hearing held in the US Congress, Adam Schiff and Marco Rubio, senior Senators from the Republican party, blamed China for the conflict on the India-China border. US Senator Cory Gardner has presented an independent resolution expressing support for India in the Galwan Valley incident.  

Meanwhile, the US Congressmen have initiated steps to increase defence cooperation with India against the background of the conflict against China. Currently, the 2021 defence budget is being discussed in the United States, and four proposals for strengthening the Indo-US defence cooperation have been included in the budget. There is a proposal for applying the US-Israel defence cooperation model to India. The proposals presented are for awarding the NATO Plus status to India, cooperation for the Fifth Generation Fighter Jets and increasing defence participation in the QUAD group.  

Is has been revealed that friendly countries like the United States, Israel and France have taken an initiative to expedite weapons supply to India at a time when there is a conflict situation, on the Chinese border, including Ladakh. The cooperation received by India became a cause for increasing Chinese headache. Now, this increased support from the United States has been added to it, and it is showing definite signs of the increased pressure on China. 

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