Local train service resumes for essential-service sector staff

Mumbai- On Monday, the lifeline of Mumbai eventually resumes, which was shut due to lockdown since 23rd March. Even though the railway service has resumed for the three suburban railway lines, this service is only available for the employees working in the essential service sector and not for the general public. The essential service sector caters to 1,20,000 employees, who felt relieved, as this commute facility has resumed.    


The essential service sector employees were finding it inconvenient to travel to the office; hence, they demanded the local train service. The state government also followed up with the Ministry of Railways for the same. Eventually, they decided to restart the railway service. This decision has enabled 120 train trips on Western Railway and 200 trips on the Central Railway routes. The local train service will resume every day from 5:30 hrs to 23:30 hrs on both these railway routes. A new local train will arrive at a 15-minute interval, said the Railway Department.   

Moreover, these local trains will halt only at the important train stations. Besides, alongside the essential government and private sector employees, the employees from the Municipal Corporation will be able to travel from these trains as well. Currently, these employees are granted permission to travel based on medical certificate, but they soon will be issued a QR code. The passengers will only have to scan this code before entering the local trains.    

In the span of lockdown, the essential service sector employees used to travel by BEST bus. However, in June, as the private sector companies were granted permission to work with 10% staff, the buses got crowded. Besides, the number of private vehicles on the street also increased and so did the traffic. Hence, the demand for resuming the local train services rose by multifold. Thus, considering the amount of delay, the essential service sector employees face in travelling every day, the local train service is resumed. However, the railway authorities are given the responsibility to ensure that the general civilians do not travel by the local train. 

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