India now has the highest number of Coronavirus cases in Asia

New Delhi/Mumbai: The number of Coronavirus cases in the country has reached 165,000. This makes India the country, with the highest number of Coronavirus cases in the Asian continent. The pandemic claimed 85 lives in Maharashtra and 2,498 new Coronavirus cases were reported. The total number of cases in Maharashtra has reached near 60,000.

Among these, 35,000 cases have been reported from Mumbai alone. 38 deaths were reported from Mumbai in the last 24 hours and there was an addition of 1,438 new cases. Against this background, a campaign ‘Chase the Virus’ has been initiated in Maharashtra. Under the campaign, the process of screening, identifying people who had come in contact with positive cases and isolation will be intensified.

The number of Coronavirus cases are consistently increasing in the country. Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan have become the Coronavirus hotspots. More than 100,000 Coronavirus cases have been reported from these six states. There was an addition of more than 1,000 new cases in Delhi, on Thursday. This is the highest number of new cases, for the state, reported in one day. Tamil Nadu reported more than 800 new cases, in 24 hours, taking the total number of cases, in the state, to more than 19,000.

Maharashtra reported more than 2,000 cases, again on Thursday. Mumbai has become the biggest hotspot of Coronavirus in the state. 36 of the total cases reported from Mumbai are from Dharavi. Whereas, 38 cases were reported from Dadar. The incidence of Coronavirus has been found to be increasing in the colonies of the health workers and policemen. As per information received, Mahim reported 86 new cases and 59 of these are from police quarters, whereas 27 were health workers.

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