‘Kite Bomb’ attacks on Israel from Gaza Strip, number of Palestinian protesters along the Israel border increase

Jerusalem: The Palestinians protesting near the Israeli border launched an attack with ‘Kite Bombs’ along the Israel border on Sunday. One of the bombs exploded and set a field ablaze near the Israeli border. These are new kind of attacks by the pro-Hamas protestors from Gaza who are attempting to enter Israel by breaking the border fence. Meanwhile, some Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip are instigating the protesters to burn the Israeli flag and install the Palestinian flag in its place.


israel, gaza strip, kite bomb, palestinians, protestorsAs per information given by the Israeli army, the protestors who assembled near the Israeli border on Sunday launched kites loaded with a bottle filled with ‘Molotov Cocktail’ in the ‘Kibbutz Kissufim’ region of Israel. The chemical from the bottle hanging on the kite was spilled in a field in Kibbutz Kissufim which caught fire. The Israeli fire brigade brought the fire under control in time, averting a major disaster. Following this, the Israeli agencies have expressed concern that the protestors in Gaza are resorting to newer ways to attack Israel.

A senior official from the ‘Eshkol’ region has warned the Israeli citizens to be alert. The frequency of the kite bomb attacks has increased in the last 24 hours and it can increase further, warned the Eshkol agencies. There have been attempts in the last few days by protestors to carry out blasts and arson on the Israeli border. Three protestors preparing for a bomb blast were arrested last week. 33 people have been killed and more than 1500 injured in the Israeli action against the violent protestors.

israel, gaza strip, kite bomb, palestinians, protestorsThe Hamas protests against Israel have entered the third week and the Hamas leaders are instigating the protestors to break the fencing on the border and reach Jerusalem. Last week, former Hamas Prime Minister and senior leader, Ismail Haniya, while addressing a meeting had declared that these protests will not stop till the acquisition of Palestine. The attacks have intensified following this, it is said.

Meanwhile, the Israeli agencies have alleged that the Hamas was trying to use underground tunnels for subversive attacks on Israel. A few hours ago, Israeli military attacked and destroyed long tunnels from Gaza Strip to Israel. Israel also announced killing four Hamas terrorists preparing for an attack on Israel.

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