Israel increases deployment in the Red Sea to monitor Iran

Atlit – The Israeli navy has increased its deployment of destroyers in the Red Sea region. The Israeli Defence Forces declined to comment on the reason for the deployment. But former Israeli naval officials claim that the deployment was made because of the threat posed by Iran to the safety of Israeli cargo and fuel vessels. The Red Sea region connecting the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea is considered strategically important. Besides, about 10% of the world’s trade flows through this narrow Sea region. Israeli merchant ships travelling to Asian countries also pass through this maritime region.


Iran, Israel, Red Sea, Houthi RebelsBut in the past few months, there have been attacks on Israeli and Saudi cargo and fuel cargo ships travelling through the region. The attacks were blamed on Iran and Iran-linked Houthi rebels. Along with the attacks on cargo ships from Israel and other countries, it was also revealed that Iran was illegally smuggling arms through the sea. Israel has seized an Iranian ship carrying weapons for the Hezbollah terrorist organization in Lebanon. However, Iran denied those allegations.

But Israel appears to step up its efforts to avert the Iranian threats by increasing its deployment of maritime destroyers. Retired Israeli naval officer Vice Admiral Eli Sharvit also drew attention to the threat posed to the Red Sea traffic from Iran. He also said that Israel had made the deployment for the freedom of maritime movements.

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