Israel in direct contact with Saudi to resist Iran: Israeli Minister Esawi Frej

Tel Aviv: – Israeli Arab Minister Esawi Frej made a sensational revelation that Israel is in direct contact with Saudi Arabia and other Mideastern states in the face of Iran’s growing influence in the Middle East. He said that the Israeli cooperation with the Middle Eastern countries, including Saudi Arabia, is expected to increase in the near future.’ Earlier, Israeli leaders had announced covert cooperation with Saudi Arabia. But the Saudis had dismissed the news.  


Frej is the only Israeli-Arab leader in the government of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett that came to power two months ago. Frej, who is also the Minister for Regional Cooperation, interviewed a US news channel in the United States. He spoke about Iran’s growing influence and the cooperation between Israel and the Middle East states. ‘Israel has direct contact and consensus with Saudi and Middle Eastern countries to confront Iran. Frej said.  

‘The threat from Iran is not just about the security of Israel and Saudi Arabia, it is an international issue and international cooperation is needed against it.’ Frej said. Speaking on cooperation between Israel and the Middle Eastern countries, Frej mentioned the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The minister said that Israeli officials at all levels are in regular contact with their counterparts in the UAE.  

‘As part of our cooperation with the UAE, Israel is making sincere efforts to complete projects related to solar and fuel pipelines in both countries, ‘ Frej said. At the same time, Frej clarified that moves are underway to develop an industrial zone with the UAE in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. The Israeli minister also said that the Bennett government had taken steps to reduce tensions with Jordan, created over the past decade.  

Even during the tenure of the government of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, there were claims of cooperation between Israel and Saudi Arabia against Iran. Israeli ministers had made such claims. In November last year, Israeli leaders announced that Netanyahu had with Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman in the Saudi city of Neom. But Saudi Arabia denied reports of contacts or cooperation with Israel.  

Two days ago, the Saudi Foreign Minister welcomed the Abraham Agreement between Israel and the UAE. He claimed that the agreement had enhanced mutual trust in the region. Saudi Arabia has also sentenced 69 Hamas militants involved in anti-Israel activities. But Saudi Arabia also appears to have taken the necessary precautions, declaring that cooperation with Israel is impossible without resolving the Palestinian issue. 

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