Iran warns US and Israel of serious consequences

Third World War

Tehran: Despite harsh sanctions imposed by the United States, Iran is firm on its nuclear program and has now started threatening the United States and Israel. Iran announced activation of the advanced centrifuge in the Natanz nuclear project and claimed that the strength of the Iranian nuclear program has been augmented. Iran threatened that if the United States and Israel tried to come in the way of its nuclear program, it will retaliate ten times more strongly.


The Iranian economy is cornered because of the US sanctions. Most companies from  Europe and Asia have withdrawn from the cooperation with Iran. Therefore, it is claimed that the Iranian economy will be down in the dumps before the next round of US sanctions. Despite this, Iranian supreme religious leader, Ayatollah Khamenei and President, Hassan Rouhani are firm on the nuclear program. Ali Akbar Salehi, the chief of the Iranian nuclear program, through his interviews to the international news agencies, has asserted that Iran will not retract on its nuclear program.

Salehi also informed that the installation and activation of the advanced centrifuges in the Natanz nuclear project, objected by the United States and Israel, has been successfully completed. The work is progressing on the advanced centrifuges under the orders of the supreme commander Ayatollah Khamenei and Salehi also claimed that Iran will achieve its objective in the next ten years. The European countries warned that everyone will be at a loss if Iran withdrew from the nuclear deal signed with the European countries in 2015.

While talking to another news agency, Salehi openly threatened the United States and Israel. The Iranian nuclear program is progressing smoothly and if the United States or Israel attacked Iranian nuclear scientists, they will have to face dire consequences, said Salehi. In the past, there had been attacks on Iranian scientists and locations connected with the nuclear projects in 2010. Iran had blamed the Israeli and US intelligence agencies for the attacks.

Meanwhile, while Salehi was threatening the United States and Israel, another senior Iranian leader has threatened the United States and its allies with an attack. ‘The time to attack Iran and run away has long passed. Therefore, henceforth, any attack on Iran will be retaliated ten times more strongly’ warned Ali Shamkahni, the Secretary of The Iranian Supreme National Security Council.

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