Indian flag waved during anti-China protests in Hong Kong

Hong Kong: – The Indian national flag, in the hands of a young man during the protests held in Hong Kong on the occasion of China National Day, attracted wide media attention. The youth said that this was to express support to India, who is aggressively fighting against China. The Indian status on the international level has increased after it taught a lesson to China in the Galwan Valley. The Hong Kong incident shows that India is emerging as a hope for the countries and groups fighting against China.   


flag-hong-kongA large number of protestors had taken to the streets in Hong Kong to protest against the Chinese oppression. At this time, the Indian national flag held by a youth attracted everyone’s attention. The youth answered on being questioned by the journalists regarding the flag, ‘India is fighting with China. Therefore, India is our friend. I am with India.’ His name has not been published. But his photographs have been posted on social media.   

SP Vaid, former Director-General of Jammu and Kashmir Police, reacted that the Indian flag is being used as a symbol of resistance against the Chinese communist regime, following the jolt delivered by India to China. Former Indian Army Chief, Ved Malik, while endorsing the view, took note of the Hong Kong incident by saying that the Indian flag is becoming the symbol of courage against the expansionist regime.   

45,000 Indians are residing in Hong Kong. India has good relations with Hong Kong. Therefore, for the people of Hong Kong, India has become an aggressive country fighting against China. The people of Hong Kong are also looking at India with great hope, along with the United States and the United Kingdom. It has been shown with this that the youth of South Asian origin are with India in the fight against China.  

The population of Hong Kong is resisting the Chinese oppression for several years. The resistance continued even after China implemented a new law, in June, to acquire Hong Kong. Even today, thousands of protestors are taking to the streets to express their anger against the cruel Chinese communist regime. China is dismantling the protest by torturing the protestors. On Thursday, 60 people were arrested during the protests. The pro-democracy groups and leaders have warned that this resistance will continue until Hong Kong gets independence.  

The Taiwanese and Tibetan people also had joined Indians during the anti-China protests held in the United States and Canada. The reason behind this is the aggressive stance adopted by India regarding Taiwan and Tibet. The international front being formed against China and the increasing Indian importance in the front might make China very restless. 

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