India expresses concern over IS acquiring chemical weapons , issues warning in ‘OPCW’

Haig: Chemical weapons falling in hands of terrorist organization such as the ‘IS’, is a huge cause of concern, states India. The Indian Ambassador expressed this concern while addressing the session of ‘Organisation for Prevention of Chemical Weapons’ (OPCW), a watchdog for use and prohibition of chemical weapons.


‘Use of chemical weapons anywhere, at any time, by anybody, under any circumstances, cannot be justified,’ clarified Venu Rajamony, the Indian representative in the OPCW explaining India’s stand. The Indian representative expressed condolences for the woman who lost her life in a chemical attack in London on the 8th of July.

India, chemical weapons, opcw, IsAt the same time, the Indian representative expressed grave concern referring to the reports that the terrorist organisation, IS, sabotaging the world including Syria and Iraq, has acquired chemical weapons. The OPCW should investigate the matter expeditiously and take immediate and appropriate action, demanded Venu Rajamony. He also appealed that the investigation and action on this matter should be completely impartial and transparent.

Rajamony also demanded that all the countries should take the matter of chemical weapons seriously. Meanwhile, because of the counter-terrorism action taken by the United States and other countries in Syria and Iraq, the terrorists are claimed to be shifting their base to the European countries and countries like Afghanistan. Concerns have also been expressed about the growing influence of the IS in Pakistan.

In this scenario, the possibility of the IS being equipped by chemical attacks becomes a cause of concern for India and the same was expressed in the OPCW meeting.

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