Houthi rebels launch missile attack on nuclear power plant at Abu Dhabi

Dubai: The Houthi rebels of Yemen launched a missile on the nuclear power plant at Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE). The news agency associated with the Houthis has created a lot of uproar by publishing this news. However, the claim of such a missile attack within the boundaries of UAE is denied. The Emirates officials too have refrained from giving any response in this regard.


Houthi rebels, yemen, middle east, UAE, missilesKnown to be Iran-backed and opposed to Yemeni government, the Houthi rebels declared that they launched a missile targeting the nuclear power plant at Abu Dhabi. The news of the missile attack was published by ‘Al-Masirah’, the news agency of the Houthi rebels. Tensions were high across the Middle East when this news was further supported by other news agencies in Yemen. But this claim of the Houthi rebels was denied by ‘WAM’, the government affiliated news agency of UAE. ‘WAM’ informed that, no missile was launched towards the under-construction nuclear power plant at ‘Al-Barakah’. Before this claim from the Houthis, the Emirates have already deployed a missile defence system which can intercept missiles in case of any Houthis missile attacks, claimed the UAE.

It is stated that, the nuclear power plant being set up in Abu Dhabi is in collaboration with the South Korean company, ‘KEPCO’ and will be functional from the year 2018. But Houthi rebels have threatened to attack the nuclear power plant prior to this. In the last month, the Houthi leader, Ansarullah had claimed that, “Our missiles shall hit every nook and corner of UAE and UAE shall no longer be safe from our missile attacks.” The Houthis had claimed of launching missile attack in the past too.

Meanwhile, last month, the Houthis had launched a missile in the direction of the airport at Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. However, the armed forces of Saudi Arabia were successful at intercepting the missile with their missile defence system.

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