Gwadar sabotage plot hatched in Iran, serious allegations by Pakistan against Iran

Karachi/Islamabad: – After accusing India of being responsible for terrorism in Pakistan, Pakistan has now started blaming Iran for the saboteur activities in the country. Pakistan has blamed Iran for plotting a terrorist attack on Chinese engineers in Gwadar last month.  


Last month, there was a major suicide bomb attack near the Pakistani port of Gwadar. Four people were killed in the blast, and more than a dozen were injured. The suicide bomber targeted the car of a Chinese engineer in Gwadar port. China had criticised Pakistan after its engineers were wounded in the blast. This was the second major attack on Chinese engineers in Pakistan in just a month.  

Pakistan’s interior minister had accused India of being behind the Gwadar blast after being slammed by China. Some Pakistani journalists had scoffed at the allegations. China had instructed Pakistan to deal with domestic terrorism and increase the security of its engineers. Chinese projects in Gwadar have been stalled for the past month due to inadequate security.  

Meanwhile, Balochistan’s counter-terrorism squad arrested three people in connection with the Gwadar attack. According to one of the accused, the suicide bomber had entered Pakistan from Iran. The mastermind of the bombing is Rasool Baksh, and according to the Pakistani agencies, he is in the Chabahar region in Iran.  

Iran has not reacted to Pakistan’s allegations. But tensions have been building on the Iran-Pakistan border for the past few days. Iran has blamed that the Pakistani military is responsible for terrorist infiltrations. Last week, a video surfaced of soldiers from both countries arguing on the Iran-Pakistan border.  

A few months ago, a senior Pakistani military official admitted that China had given Pakistan six months to suppress the independence movement in Balochistan. Shortly, Pakistan’s military will invade Iran to take action against the Baloch. The Pakistani military official had said that China had provided large sums of money to Pakistan to teach a lesson to Iran, which was plotting against the CPEC. A Bangladeshi newspaper reported this.  

It has been revealed since the last few months that disagreements between Iran and Pakistan have intensified. A newspaper affiliated with the Iranian regime had advised the Taliban, which is occupying Afghanistan, not to follow Pakistan’s lead but to cooperate with India, Iran and Russia. Therefore, Pakistan has started accusing of Iranian involvement in terrorism in its country. Pakistani analysts have also accused Iran of supporting India against Pakistan. Now, Pakistan’s regime is openly accusing Iran of terrorism. There could be a severe backlash from Iran. 

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