Electricity demand in the country touches record levels

New Delhi: – The electricity demand in India has scaled record levels. On Saturday, the electricity demand was recorded at 189.6 gigawatts (GW). Three days ago, on the 28th of January, the need was 188.4 GW. The country’s electricity demand is increasing rapidly, and looking at the current speed, and it is being claimed that the requirement will touch the 200 GW mark in a short while. The analysts believe that the increasing electricity demand indicates that the economy is getting back on track.   


electricity-demandThe electricity demand in the country has increased very rapidly over the last few days. The electricity demand had reduced substantially during the lockdowns, imposed because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The financial and manufacturing activities had come to a grinding halt. But after the government initiated the unlock process in July, factories, businesses, companies and other industries started openly in a steady manner. The electricity demand started growing with that.  

The electricity demand was at 170.97 GW (170,790 megawatts) in January 2020 before the lockdown. But for the current year, the electricity demand in January has recorded a rise of 15 to 18 GW. On the 22nd of January, the electricity demand was recorded at the highest level. The requirement recorded on that day was 185.82 GW (185,820 megawatts). But after that, on the 28th of January, this record was broken, and electricity consumption reached 188.4 GW. This record was once again broken on the 30th of January with reported consumption of 189.60 GW.   

As the electricity demand is increasing, it is being predicted that it will soon scale the 200 GW level. The total electricity production capacity of the country in 373.43 GW.   

The increasing demand for electricity in the country is being looked at as an indicator for the momentum received for economic growth. The electricity demand is increasing every year. In 2019, the electricity demand in the country had reached 168 GW. As per analysts, the rising electricity demand indicates that the economy is returning to normal, and the industrial activities are increasing.  

Before this, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) collections reached record levels. The fuels consumption figures also showed a marked increase. The freight movement through the railway also has been higher than the pre-Corona times. As per analysts, the increasing electricity demand is one more indicator of the economic growth gaining momentum.   

The electricity demand has reached record levels just two days before the annual budget. The economic survey has inferred that the Indian economy will achieve a growth rate of 11% in the next fiscal. 

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