Drums of war are beating, Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo warns

Canberra: Mike Pezzullo, Australian Home Affairs Secretary, warned his country that ‘Drums of War can clearly be heard.’ Pezzullo predicted a possibility of a war with China, saying that drumbeats of war are reaching the ears of the free countries. Australian Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews has endorsed the warning issued by Pezzullo. At the same time, a reaction has been received from China over the warning given in Australia. The Chinese foreign ministry has demanded that Australia should stop sending inappropriate signals to the separatists from Taiwan by supporting them and should stop interfering in internal Chinese matters.


Drums of war are beating, Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo warnsSometimes the sound of the war drums comes from a distance, but sometimes it is somewhere close by. These sounds are reaching the ears of the free countries. It was being felt that the alarming increase in militarisation would not culminate into a war. Pezzullo said that let an attempt be made to avert this curse of war with efforts for peace. Pezzullo clearly underlined this Chinese threat while speaking in front of former Australian soldiers. Australian Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews endorsed the claims made by Pezzullo. Andrews said that these warnings issued by Pezzullo are to caution and not frighten everyone, and it is well within his rights to do so.

Drums of war are beating, Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo warnsAustralian analysts also endorsed Pezzullo’s views. The presentation by Pezzullo, known to speak out his mind, is logical. The Chinese military might is increasing at a breakneck speed. At the same time, the Chinese ambition to dominate is becoming stronger. Activities in the South China Sea, the Taiwan policy, and India’s conflict only demonstrate that the Chinese ambitions have increased tremendously. The threat of anti-satellite missiles, cyberattacks and Chinese interference in internal Australian matters are worrisome. Analysts warned that these could not be ignored.

These analysts also point out that Australia has not increased its military might while the Chinese threat is rising. Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin recorded his reaction to this Australian warning. Australian Defence Minister had expressed a possibility that a conflict could be sparked between China and Taiwan. Picking up that link, Wenbin warned that Australia should not interfere in internal Chinese matters. Australia should take the precaution not to deliver inappropriate messages to the separatist forces in Taiwan. Chinese foreign ministry spokesman warned that if Australia intends to end the trade war with China, it should initiate these steps.Drums of war are beating, Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo warns

Currently, a trade war is raging between Australia and China. Both the countries have imposed restrictions on each other’s products. It has been exposed that China is showering atrocities on the Uyghurs in Xinjiang province and exploiting them as bonded labour. Moves have started in Australia to ban imports of products manufactured in the Xinjiang province. The Uyghur people living in Australia have supported the Australian stand. Considering that a severe reaction could be received from China over this, the Australian leaders and officials are frankly making the Australian population aware of the Chinese threats. The Pezzullo statements are a part of the policies of the Australian leadership.

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