Cyber theft attacks target Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies

Moscow, 03 Nov 2017: The number of cyber-attacks on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is on the rise over the past few months indicating that this mode of currency is no longer invulnerable, reports Russian Cybersecurity firm ‘Kaspersky’. The cryptocurrencies are being attacked with the help of a malware named ‘Cryptoshuffler’ which has led to the theft of Bitcoins worth USD 150,000, says the Russian company.


Cyber theft attacks‘It has now come to the fore that cryptocurrency is no more secure from cyberattacks. In the past few months there have been large scale malware based cyber-attacks on different types of cryptocurrencies. There have been indications that this trend may continue in the future’, says Kaspersky Lab analyst Sergey Yunakovsky. It has been seen that the malware ‘Cryptoshuffler’ targets the cryptocurrency and makes it susceptible to theft while it is being transferred from the wallet of one user to another.

 The Russian company also states that apart from Bitcoins, other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, ZCash, Dash, Monero are also being targeted.

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