Coronavirus cases in India reach 108, maximum cases in Maharashtra  

Coronavirus cases in IndiaNew Delhi/Mumbai: – The number of Coronavirus cases in India have reached 108. Maximum cases of Coronavirus are reported from Maharashtra and 12 new cases were found, in the state, on Sunday. This takes the number of cases in Maharashtra to 31. More precautionary measures are being taken in the state after this. The police have stopped people from gathering at one place. Action will be taken against whoever not following these orders. The other states too have initiated similar measures.  


Extensive efforts are being made to stop the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic in the country. Even the states, where Coronavirus cases have not been found, have ordered the closure of malls, theatres Schools and colleges as a precautionary measure. All foreign returnees have been appealed to stay at home for 14 days and to report to the testing centres in case of developing any signs of the virus.   

The highest number of cases, 31, have been reported from Maharashtra. One woman tested positive even in the city of Aurangabad, on Sunday. Between Saturday and Sunday, 12 new cases have been reported in Maharashtra. Kerala follows Maharashtra in the number of cases. Number of cases in Kerala has reached 22. It is said that three of these patients have been completely cured. 11 cases have been reported from Uttar Pradesh and 6 from Karnataka, 3 from Ladakh, two from Rajasthan and one each from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab have been reported.  

A Union health ministry official said that although the number of cases of Coronavirus is increasing in the country, the situation does not warrant the declaration of a health Emergency, as most of the patients are people coming from abroad and local spread has been minimal. The health ministry official said that there is no need to panic.  

Before this, the Union government had declared the Coronavirus epidemic as a national crisis. This decision was taken to facilitate more effective efforts to stop the coronavirus epidemic and make the funds for National crisis, available to the states, to undertake precautionary measures.  

Meanwhile, India has repatriated 234 Indian citizens stranded in Iran. They have been brought back in a military aircraft and they are mostly students and the people on a religious pilgrimage to Iran. They will be kept under observation at the ITBP centre, for 14 days.   

Cruise and freight ships have been banned from entering the Indian ports. Therefore, 703 ships are waiting in the Indian waters, since the last week. These have been prevented from docking and unloading their cargo or passengers, as most of these have come via China. There are nearly 25,000 passengers and crew on these ships. 

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