China should withdraw from the Vietnamese marine region, appeals Vietnam foreign ministry

Third World WarHanoi: Vietnam has raised objections to the excavation work started by China in the South China Sea. The Vietnam foreign ministry has appealed to China that Vietnam is capable of ensuring security in its marine limits and that China should immediately withdraw from the region. But on the contrary, China has threatened Vietnam that Vietnam should leave this region for China. Therefore, there are signs that the tension between China and Vietnam over the South China Sea could ignite.

The South China Sea is claimed to be rich in natural resources. The South China Sea is also the second busiest sea freight route after the Persian Gulf. Therefore, the security of this strategically important region is considered to be very important. But since the last few years, China is claiming sovereign rights over 90% of the South China Sea. Moreover, China has built more than 100 artificial islands in this marine region and is deploying military on these islands.

China should withdraw from the Vietnamese marine region, appeals Vietnam foreign ministry At the same time, China is aggressively carrying on excavation and fishing in the South China Sea, disregarding the claims of the South East Asian countries. Philippines and Vietnam have opposed this Chinese arrogance. Tension has been created between Vietnam and China over one more such excavation. In May, Vietnam signed an agreement with Japan for digging in the Vanguard marine region, rich in natural resources.

The Japanese unit was expected to reach the region on July 25 to start the work. Vietnam even dispatched its ships for the work. But before that China, claiming rights over the region sent its patrol and surveillance ships to the region.

Infuriated by this Chinese action, Vietnam appealed to China to withdraw its ships from the region. The Vietnamese foreign ministry warned China that ‘Vietnam has a sovereign right over this region and is perfectly aware of how to ensure the security of its sovereign territories.’

But China has refused to withdraw from the marine region. On the contrary, China has said that Vietnam should remove its ships from the region and leave the Vanguard region for China. It is claimed that Vietnam, without paying heed to this Chinese bullying, will be deploying more ships in the region. In that case, there is a possibility of flaring up of the dispute over the marine region. Even in the past, there has been a confrontation between Chinese and Vietnamese ships over the South China Sea.

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