Chinese soldiers freezing in Ladakh winter; Chinese military replaces 90% of its soldiers

New Delhi – The Chinese soldiers deployed near the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh could not cope with the Ladakh winter. Therefore, the Chinese military was forced to withdraw more than 90% of its soldiers, replacing them with fresh soldiers. As per received reports, this had become a daily exercise for the Chinese military. Therefore, it is proved once again that the Chinese claims of a ‘mighty army’ are empty. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Indian and Chinese leadership is matured enough and expressed hope that the border dispute will not fester.


Ladakh, Harsh weather, China rotates troops, Vladimir Putin, Galwan Valley skirmish, high morale of Indian soldiers, bone-chilling cold, General NarvaneThe freezing Ladakh winter proved lethal for the Chinese soldiers. Chinese soldiers were falling ill, not being accustomed to such chilly weather. They had to be frequently shifted to hospitals for treatment. Therefore, China was maintaining the deployment on the LAC through rotation. China made frantic efforts to hide this information from the world. Chinese soldiers have the necessary clothing and food supplies in plenty. Saying that the Indian soldiers are not in excellent condition, the Chinese mouthpiece, Global Times, tried to project a picture that the state of the Indian soldiers was not good. But the lie in the claims was exposed because of the news reports coming in.

The Chinese military does not take efforts to acclimatise its soldiers to the weather where they are to be deployed. Because of this, the Chinese Army was hit hard on the LAC in Ladakh. Forget about fighting the Indian Army; the Chinese soldiers were finding it a challenge to cope with the weather. The Chinese military was forced to care for its sick soldiers and replace them daily. This exposed the limitations of the Chinese Army. At the same time, the capabilities and the high morale of the Indian soldiers are being highlighted.

The Indian soldiers had taught a lesson to China, even during the Galwan conflict. China, which has hidden the information regarding this, is trying to hide everything. One of the Chinese bloggers from the United Arab Emirates had claimed that the Chinese military suffered huge losses in the Galwan conflict. The blogger has been arrested and imprisoned by the infuriated Chinese agencies following this. Therefore, China is still desperately trying that the facts should not be exposed.

China has said that the officials at the local level will decide to withdraw troupes from Gogra and Hot Spring regions on the LAC in Ladakh. China seems to be making this effort to not feature in the talks between the senior officials from India and China. But the rounds of discussions held between senior officials from India and China are being held for the sole purpose of stopping intrusion on the LAC in Ladakh. Therefore, eradicating Chinese deployment at Gogra and Hot Springs from the discussions is not acceptable to India. Therefore, there is no possibility of diffusing the tension on the LAC in Ladakh shortly. Instead, India is monitoring the Chinese military movements, more cautiously, on the LAC in Ladakh.

Indian Defence Chief, Army Chief and Airforce Chief regularly visit the LAC and review the region’s preparedness. India is giving a fitting reply to China with new deployments. Against the background of the tension on the LAC in Ladakh, Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed hope that the border dispute will not fester. President Putin said, ‘Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping are matured leaders. They will resolve the dispute between the neighbours through negotiations. But no other country should interfere in the border dispute between India and China.’

In the past, Russia had expressed displeasure on the Indian participation in QUAD and hoped that India would not join the anti-China front. However, President Putin clarified this stand once again while speaking to the media. President Putin reminded that the India-Russia cooperation is on the strategic level, and it includes sectors like economy, energy, high technology and defence.

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